Sunday, May 8, 2011

i iz sick...



its either i do not have enough rest for my morning shifts (hate morning shifts), or less water consumption (if u call 1 liter x 3 in office excluding the drinks i drink after office hours is little), or too much alcohol (erm... once or twice a week? *shy*).

and guess what, the last time i had fever was only end of march. and now is only beginning of may! woohoo! not even 2 months!

does completing the antibiotic really helps? the previous time i didnt complete it. but thinking to complete it this time. so, seriously, does it help?


i hate flu. i hate flu more than coughing. i know i will irritate the shit out of most ppl by coughing bcos it'll be damn noisy and disgusting (well, i am disgusted with ppl who cough like mad) but heck. i dont care, cos if flu, i will have hard time sleeping. not to say coughing makes me sleep well but still better than flu. and plus, flu causes nose block. hate them!!

i know. me being sick makes me typing cock and bull stories. but again, i dont care. cos i am in need to kill some time till my meds kick in so that i can sleep like a baby.

oh med, when r u kicking in?

initially i was only having coughs. and sore throat. boy, my throat really hurts like someone just threw a piece of burning charcoal down my throat! but didnt know i will end up with fever. but i only saw the dr when i was coughing... so i only have cough syrup with me. no meds for fever. sighs... but i guess its ok. if i am still sick, i shall just go c dr again and get another MC.

*sings~* i just need somebody to loveee~~~

no, i dun like the butch boy. if he is a butch, she'll be grabbing lotsa lesbian's attention...

but yea. i just need somebody to love.

2 things i cant wait any longer

1 - A Famosa
2 - Cherating


i noticed i used a lot of 'but's in this post. hrmm...

ok, my brain's blocked and the med finally kicks in.

good nite.

*sleeps like a baby*


fong said...

abit late but no,antibiotics do not help with your flu :)

BlurCo said...

Haha... Thank u!