Thursday, May 26, 2011


ok la. i failed. after 2 days of not smoking, i actually asked for a cig from my colleague. den from then its like, each day 1 stick... =.="

well, better than 1 box per day rite? and moreover, ppl said cannot stop so sudden wan. *planting excuses*

i still wanna stop! gambate misheru!!

recently my life is just, sleep, work, sleep, work... oh. and eat of cos. damn no life lor. and recently i do not have any inspiration to blog. writer's block? sighs...

oh oh~ finally the unifi is installed! and i am super impressed with the speed! and also their service. my aunt's lappie was having issues so i called and seek for assistance to troubleshoot. that guy damn patient lor. and i forgot to ask for name. =.="

as noob as i may sound, i never use bitcomet before. and i have no idea how it works. no idea where to find seeds... ystd, giap gave me a seed to download. that madness bluray file. can u imagine the size?! i left it overnite and it was 64% this morning when i check. :P

ok. no more crap. no inspiration until i need to blog about crap. bleh...

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