Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Busy week

i've been busy. and i have very good excuse to it!

i've moved back to subang now. everything is still in a mess. i still do not have my bed. i've been sleeping on a mattress on the floor. :(
the bed is arriving on 22nd apr. got it during the exhibition in pwtc. coincidently met a long lost fren there and she gave me a pretty good deal.

and then, i have to unpack the boxes in my room. please, dun underestimate the amount of boxes i have to unpack. staying here for the past 20 yrs can accumulate A LOT of stuffs. especially in a house full of women. u know how women are... "oh. this is important to me, cannot throw", "oh, this one can use wan, dont throw", "this one can recycle, dont throw..."

so yea... unpacking.

but i still cannot unpack any of them yet cos there is no wardrobe for me yet, no cabinet for me yet... basically, my room is still empty...

been going to look for a wardrobe n cabinet that i like, but none caught my eye. sighs... more shopping to be done. :(

apart from that, earthquake and tsunami decided to hit japan. and affected both the cables there. and it turns the team upside down. that week, u can see zombies growing in my team. not farnee...

however, i really respect the japanese cos they are still able to be so calm and the fact that they are so considerate touched me. heck, they even saved a dog.

i've been catching up with frens a lot tho... took this time to have a rest from TI. to settle hse stuffs and work and spend a lil more time with friends. TI members have been texting and calling me asking me when am i gonna be active again. lol... guys, i will. just let me settle my stuffs 1st la. im still T-I 027. :)

went enigma a lot. went new place - over time. went makan at new places... im still glad i have friends with me. i still remember the laughter drowned the whole crowd in hoi tong steamboat with maymay's "momma momma... i wan ice-cream" joke... lmfao!

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