Monday, March 28, 2011

Porridge Combo Post

i have a thing for porridge. i super love porridge. now that i am sick, i am mad happy cos i can have porridge almost every meal. be it my grandma's yummy shredded pork porridge or dine out teo chew porridge.

the other day after my shift at about 11pm, i headed home with chris following me at the back bcos we were planning to go for a drink. i left my car at home and she picked me up. went to bangsar shopping centre's WIP. love the environment but i didnt bring my camera and my phone sucked for low light environment.

after a glass of drink, we wanted to have chicken wings at jln alor but it was a monday, it was closed. :(
so we went rounding and thinking what to eat. the 2nd thing came to our mind was balitong in ss2, but it was closed oso! T.T

fortunately, something is opened. Geylang Lor9 Frog Porridge.
but unfortunately, we didnt order much. cos chris is full and only im eating.

froggie porridge

it is not bad. :D

fried eggie

too thin! not that nice lor. macam no taste.

deep fried tofu with thai style sauce

totally banned!!! the tofu is not crispy at all! but the sauce is ok la. need to improve on the tofu oni...

the table next to us ordered the kung pou froggie and it smelled sooooo damnnnn niceee!!! but i was too full alre. cannot order d. will try it next time in there! :D

===== next porridge session ===

went to look for daph for breakfast. both of us were sick so we decided either something soupy or porridge. at first we planned to go old town for the hor fun. but at the end she suggested Hon Kee Porridge since i havent tried it before.

our scrumptious breakfast... :P

we both ordered 'sang yu chok' - fresh fish porridge.

i think its not bad. but i have tasted better.

what is porridge breakfast without 'yiu tiao'? yums~

my favourite deep fried 'loh bak kou'. damn nice. crispy!

cucur udang. oso very nice. :P

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