Sunday, March 27, 2011

Congrats Adeline and Ronnie!

i realised i have lots of things to blog but this is wayyyyyy back dated so i better blog about this 1st. :P

was invited to my ex-colleague, adeline's wedding and also to be part of her jimuis...

the night before the wedding, a few of us went over to adeline's house for dinner and also to help out on the actual day stuffs. chopping the vege, preparing chili, lemon, tying bananas, arranging seats for the wedding banquet. by the time we are done, it was already about 3am. 6 of us cramped into adeline's room and by 5am, all of us were already up and taking turns to take shower.

we then took our breakfast and at the same time, arrange the stuffs for the hengdais to go through the challenges. ngeks...

challenge #1

they are required to finish the food prepared. there's sugar, lemon, celery and chili. combination of sweet, sour, bitter and spicy. the stages in life. but i guess it was quite easy for the hengdais to complete it cos they were not complaining at all!

the plan was, once they have completed eating, they have to give the angpau... and when the jimuis are satisfied, we jimuis will get in the house and lock the grill. then, someone outside to open the gate for the groom and hengdais to proceed to the 2nd challenge.


before the jimuis manage to get in the house and get the grill locked, the gate is unlocked!!! whatelse the hengdais do? barge and open the grill la!

we were trying to close the grill while the hengdais trying to open... T.T

fortunately, the jimuis are strong enough and the hengdais gave up at the end. :P
and so, they need to proceed to...

challenge #2

the bottle are filled 1/4 of water and they need to tie the banana like in the picture to swing and make sure the bottle fell.

we jimuis very nice wan, easy task ma... haha~

challenge #3
a pail full of water and ice with 8 keys drowned at the bottom. the groom is required to bottoms up a bottle of beer, and find the right key to the room. the bride's room. each time he picked the wrong key, he needs to bottoms another bottle and proceed to find the next key.

but... sure cheat la... drank 1 bottle d den took his own sweet time to dig ALL the keys up... =.=

after getting the key and opened the room door, there's another surprise challenge which all of us didnt expected it oso. lol... but i forgotten was is it already. i think required the groom to sing...

the groom manage to get in the room and lift the veil. after snapping some photographs, all of us went over to groom's house in puchong for tea ceremony.

groom's side

the newly weds

after the tea ceremony and some photographing session

the jimuis and the bride

the hengdais and the groom

and... we proceeded back to the bride's side for tea ceremony.

according to adeline's mom, the correct tradition is :-
groom to bride's house to get bride - back to groom's house for tea ceremony - then oni back to bride's house for tea ceremony... @.@

after the tea ceremony, the jimuis changed and proceed to check-in to flamingo hotel and we took our nap.

again, 6 of us cramped into 1 room...

at approx 5pm, we woke up and got ready for the banquet.

center piece for the main table

the ballroom

registration desk

some of us at the registration desk...

the newly weds at night

half way through the dinner, the bride was on stage and the groom came to the jimui's table.
the groom need to shout 'i love you' in a different language and make sure the bride is able to hear it. at the beginning, he cannot have the mic. but at the end, when we jimuis decided to help him out, he is then being provided a mic


look at how happy she was that time... priceless moment.

colleagues and ex-colleagues...

the dinner then ended with not much of alcohol intake. :(
we went back to our room and changed to slippers and went to the nearest mamak to eat and drink and talked a bit...

went back to the room and had a great rest... :)

congrats adeline and ronnie. we will be waiting for a chubby baby, k? *hugs*~

some of the above pictures are by the official photographer. thank you! ^^V

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