Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bad Customer Service in NEway Puchong

had a pretty bad experience at puchong's neway last weekend. didnt really have the chance to blog about it cos i was busy with work due to earthquakes.

no more earthquakes, please. world peace~ ^^V

it all started out from me going to perodua to get my car serviced and daph was there to accompany me to kill time. she made yummy bread with pasta spread and toasted them. nice... :P

then after servicing my car, we went for steamboat dinner in ss15. it was me, daph, jessi and fionne. dinner was filled with laughters. i enjoyed myself during dinner. and again, i was overdosed with food. =.=

after that, we were thinking what to do next. Fionne unable to join us cos she needs to go home.

while 3 of us were in daph's car. we were thinking to go for an impromptu drive to putrajaya or klia. but then, 'jui jing' have to play on the radio that we all sang along and decided to go for karaoke instead. we were on the way to putrajaya already then, so we decided to go for puchong's neway instead since it is near and we have already paid for toll.

nightmare begins...

when we stepped in, we of cos checked for price. i forgot how much cos i was busy on the phone. but i can see the girl's expression when jessi requested for a total amount. the front desk waitress is called jeccy.

as consumers, we have the rights to know how much we are paying for at the end of the day.

jeccy's expression was rude. she looked like she looked down on us as though we couldnt afford to pay for the total amount! and there was no eye contact at all. all the while when we were asking questions, she would just look away while answering our questions.


no matter how much the bill will turn out to be, if the customer service quality is good, we won't mind paying for that amount.

then there's this promotion for digi users will get 15% off. according to the girl it is for each user only. but when jessi went to neway subang the week before, it was 15% for the whole bill.

another argument occur.

then, jessi didnt bring out her phone that day. but the girl insisted that it is only 15% off for the person with the phone with them...

the longer the argument lasted, the higher my tempreture gets.

i cannot tahan anymore, i walked off. they are not the only karaoke joint in klang valley anyways.

but... daph cannot tahan and wanna give it to her right in the face. daph walked back to the counter and request to know why when jessi was in subang neway, it is so convenient that they get 15% off for the whole bill and why it is so inconvenient in puchong's neway?

arent they from the same company? NEWAY?

but obviously jeccy insisted that it only can be done 15% each as long as the person's phone is with them.

jessi even gave the permission to call to Digi's customer service to verify if they want to, but they refused.

so, daph requested to speak to the manager. law.

daph explained the whole situation to the manager and the manager also insisted that the 15% discount is only for digi users with the phone with them.

if u r still using phones running on symbian, then i understand the 'digi' logo will still be in your home screen. what about android users? how do they verify? (actually i know how to but refuse to disclose bcos of their attitude)

when we asked the manager, HE COULDNT ANSWER US AT ALL!!!

he took out his N95 and showed that the digi logo is on the home screen.

duh... we are not dumb. we asked, what about android users?

at the end, there is this other guy came up behind him (i think he is another manager?) and told him that *128# can check.

smart... but...

when i asked, what is their procedure? do they need to snap a picture that the person is using digi only eligible for the 15% discount. he answered no, but he needs to jot down the name and the number.

what is so difficult here?

jessi gave the permission to call digi customer service to verify. not enough?

he then RAISED HIS VOICE saying that only digi can dial *128# to verify.

wow. ok. *128# to verify, and then? u dont even need to take a picture to keep records so why the difficulty towards the customer when she forgot to bring her phone out?

she had already gone through the whole day of inconvenience by not bringing her phone along and u r adding on her misery. perfect customer service...

at the end of they day, they are very firm on their ground. which causes inconvenience towards customers. like i have said earlier, if they have their good manners with them while serving customers, no matter how much the bill ends up, i dont mind paying. even there is no 15% on one person, i dont mind.

the girl, jeccy have alre spoilt our mood with her bad attitude.
1, no eye contact with customers
2, looking down on customers as though they cant afford the bill

the guy, law have spoilt everything even worse.
1, no smile
2, raised his voice
3, no flexibility

i am from customer service line, and i think this can be handled better.

when jeccy screws up by giving the bad customer service body language and cant handle us anymore, bcos she is a junior exec, she cant make much decisions. that is why we have requested to speak to a manager instead. but when the manager came, we werent being greet by a smile at all. when we have explained they whole situation, as a manager level, i believe there is more flexibility in that position in decision making. instead of making customer's life easier, he didnt and stood very firm on the ground.

we didnt create things like we are pretending to be digi users. we are indeed proud digi users for many years. we are not trying to get the manager into trouble by creating stories. i have enough from my previous customers creating nonsense for me to handle. so i know how that feels.

so if he really need to verify, is it difficult to just dial 0162211800 to verify? for god's sake, he dont even need a picture to prove that we are all digi users and he still cant give in a step?

at the end, we left to another karaoke in USJ19, Subang Jaya. Though the sound system is a bit out, but with the superb friendly customer service, we are happy and we enjoyed ourselves very much. not to mention, cheaper too.

if this situation is applied in my current company's havoc situation, i think me and my colleagues are all long dead by now.


Big Cow said...

omg... i hate blospot! i typed a long ass comment and got lost in cyberspace!!

There are the notes i wanna add:

1. Jeccy: from her body language and facial expression, it's very obvious she is not happy working in a service industry. when customer inquire more, her facial expression and body language says: ask so much for what?? want to sing, just sign in. Dont wanna sing, fuck off!

2. Law the manager: too young to be a manager. no capability. when faced with such situation, instead of being flexible - which managers are suppose to have - he choose not to. i do understand why he choose not to. you see, young boy's thinking is very easy to catch. he rather incur the wrath of the customer than to incur wrath of his staff. the customer, after gone, will not be back. but the staff will always be there to give him attitude. even when we complained to him about Jeccy upfront, he gave us the defensive body language that says that: say what you want, we dont need you anyway!

3. NEWAY Management - very obvious,you need to replace both staffs. Neway is in a service industry where they rely on customer service to generate revenue. with staffs like these 2 who don't really give a damn about customer service, do you think your service will flourish?

Neway is not the ONLY karaoke chain in Klang Valley and with staffs like these, Neway can kiss my business goodbye :) True, Neway food taste better than other Karaoke chain. But think about it, do we go karaoke to eat or to sing??

Anonymous said...

hello, no money dont go karaoke la. stupid

Big Cow said...

Dear Anonymous coward,

Firstly, i suggest you enroll yourself to my friend's Language school coz apparently your English comprehension is not that good. Which part of the post did we claim that we have no money? If we no money, would we be bothered to burn money to go karaoke? We wanted to have fun! idiot!

Secondly, i have a very strong suspicion that you are writing as a NEway staff. If my suspicion is true, i seriously think NEway is the most pathetic karaoke chain ever! Not only do they not respond to customer's complains, they send an anonymous coward to post such ridiculous offensive comment and didnt even have the fucking guts to leave a name!