Friday, January 21, 2011

Luck starts

i shall conclude today is my lucky day!

well, ok. at least just the 1st half of it...

no. wait. its only 8am. not even half yet. we'll see how later. ^^

i woke up as early as 3am on 20th to meet him up for Iris. i was at level 27 i think. or was it level 28? hrm...
and i found out that all along the guild members thought im a guy. >.< except for my colleagues of cos.
then he went to sleep at about 6am and i continued playing. at one point when all my quest was completed. i was pretty lost cos no quest means low experience. low experience means difficult to level up!! i dunno wat to do to level up!!

thennnn... fellow guild members came online and went Lai Liu Ha. the place its called Laioha. and it sounds like Lai Liu Ha!! :X managed to get up to level 29 but about 89%. half way hanging... T.T but the lucky thing was, daily quest was around the corner. ngeks... 4pm. grabbed all the dailies, and wallahh~~ level 30. ^^ and during that time when i was playing, fortunate enough, someone from the guild is willing to help me with the job change quest. xie xie thingy! which was to whack 3 bosses. which was roving's boss, big foot's boss and one more i... forgot. hehe... not easy!! i died once while whacking roving's boss. T.T 31k exp, gone case... sobs...

i am now a warlock! ^^v
loving the AOE skills. :D

let's see. that was 3am up till 7pm. :X
damn no life. but a way to save marnee. ^^
but then my lappie was heating up like mad.
next would be my warrior to guardian. :D

needed to go back subang at 1st, but then i thought it was not neccesary so i skipped the idea.
and sorry for missing all the calls cos i was in anti-social mode. i only wanna be alone in the room. and desperate to level up. :X

i straight away slept at 7pm and woke up at 4:30am. partly was too much sleep alre. and another part is, i need to work. but 4:30am was too early to get ready for work. so i hang around in game and managed to get the experience from 30% to 50%. haha!

ok. i think i talk too much about the game alre. cannot help it. too happy with the job change. haha!!

after getting ready to work, went down to get my car and i just remembered my petrol tank was about to dry up. T.T
and the scary part is, when i look outside the apartment area, it was all jammed up. T.T
a neighbour auntie just parked her car, i think from sending her kids to school. well, not in a very proper manner but i still appreciate that she informed me. she asked if i am taking that way out. she said that way is all jammed up cos some construction is on-going. they are digging up the ground and there is only 1 lane available to move. and its a 2 way road. she even suggest to me to use another route.

i was actually freaking out already cos i needed to pump petrol AND take a longer route to work.

let me make it clear that i am one direction idiot. so when i know that road, i will die die use that road.

usually i leave home at 6:30am. today i left a lil late. 6:45am.

the usual route i would take is through the segambut dalam road. which the road is in bad condition. bumpy!! then cut out to mont kiara. den cut out to bangsar. den reach MV.

today... pump petrol at menjalara den using LDP. den through ss2. ok, i know its stupid to use ss2 and i know there's another way but i dunno how to use!! so anyways, through ss2, through the hospital. cut out to the federal highway. and thank God it was clear. no jam! den sampai MV.

reached office 5 minutes before my log in time. ^^

lucky day(morning) or wat?

shall see how is the rest of the day. :P

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