Sunday, January 2, 2011

Entering the year of 2011 - The BBQ

been planning for the countdown for more than a month now, and i am glad how it turned up. :)

a week before the bbq, i went to tesco in kepong to get some of the stuffs 1st so that we would not rush to get everything on that day itself. i guess everyone wants to do bbq last minute cos when i was in tesco, there are no more skewers... :( and some of the bbq stuffs oso no more d. and the funny thing is, when i look for the plastic cutleries, they oni left forks, spoons finish. =.= so i bought only a few stuffs and left. and worried if everything will be in order on that day.

i think i always worry too much. sighs...

the day for the bbq has arrived. during day time when everyone is still in the office, everyone is already in holiday mood. lol... while i was suffering from the pain i was having. my dear auntie has to visit on that day. jess said, 'its ok. beer will cure the pain later'. =.= but my auntie visit saved me from something. which will be told later... :D

jess and samson left early to get the chicken wings cos it is marinated by jess's mom. :)

5:15pm strikes and i got myself changed into more comfortable baju. shorts and razor back baju. :P
went for shopping with yvonne and our own designated kuli, paul at carrefour. to my horror, they dont have skewers too! whyyy sooo manyy ppl bbq wannn!?
yvonne asked me to call samson and jess to seek for SOS. and yep! at the end they manage to find the damn skewers.

yummy chicken wings, thanks to jess... :)

me, yvonne and paul arrived at samson's placed at about 7pm. jess, samson, jason and nicholas was already waiting by the pool side. well, they cant do anything cos the charcoal and fire starter was with me. :P they began starting the fire once the charcoal arrived.

and the bbq havoc starts.

the chef, louise who refused to leave the pit. wanna play masak-masak. lol...

we have chicken wings, beef, pork slices, balls, sausages, taiwan sausage, shrooms, bacon dan lain lain lagi... and we were all stuffed!

i forgot to take pictures of the booze tho. we got heineken, few bottles of red wine, a bottle of champagne, a bottle of rose wine, sake, leong fun, coke and 100 plus.

yummy beef marinated by nicholas. ^^

after all of us overdosed ourselves with food. we rested a while... and i was being taught how to play chor dee. joel and jessi taught me b4 but i slow in catching up. so brandon and louise taught me again. my spot then was taken over by isaac, who lost like mad and being made to drink sake + red wine. campur. @.@

close to midnight, we opened the champagne which was sponsored by Jasmine and we cheers once it striked midnite. right after kampai-ing, i received his call. :) then followed by ju's sms. and at the same time, kit and EJ made it just in time for new year...

and... the fun begins. the guys were throwing each other into the pool. well, most of it thanks to kit, cos he just need to carry, and *doosh* drop them in the pool. lol... kit even managed to carry paul! but then kit lost his balance and fell in the pool. there goes his shoes... =.=
they almost got me but yea... my auntie visit saved the day. :P

after cleaning up, everyone headed home.

thanks to everyone who came, contributed and sponsored.

and yes, i will calculate the amount and claim them from our beloved TLs :- Samson and Isaac.

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