Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Car Waxing at RM10

last week i wanted to send my car for a car wash. its been weeks since i last wash my car (my poor white vava. *sobs*). and sunday was the day for the charity drive to the orphanage (will cover this later).

so on saturday, i went looking high and low for a car wash place in kepong. and remembered Akira told me there's one opposite jusco and waxing is only cost at rm28. but i dont wanna wax. i just wanna wash due to my own budget constraint. :( so i went there to hunt. the 1st place i went to is closed. and the guy asked me to go further down, there's one more. so i drove along the shops and found it.

i checked with them the price of the car wash and i was being told it is rm10. my budget was rm10 so i just passed them my car keys and asked them to go ahead and wash.

while waiting, i noticed they were wiping every single corner of the car. and i thought, "wow. good service. very clean and very detail"... so i waited and waited.

when the guy said it is done, i took out a piece of rm50 and paid, awaiting for my balance of rm40.


i was given rm12 only. =.=

i looked at him and told the guy that i asked for car wash only. and i thought it is rm10??

his facial expression changed. and started scolding his staff.

"you kata ini wax??" in a very angry tone.

then, he took out his money and gave me the total balance of rm40...

there, i had my car wax at rm10, accidently... :D

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