Thursday, December 30, 2010

Techno Vision - hilang

just when i thought my life will get better this month, another shit happened...


after work, i stayed back a while to have small talks with my colleagues about iris online. they convinced me that since i am only at level 2 human mage, i shall delete my character and create a warlock instead.

ok. out of topic. anywaysss...

i went down to withdraw some money and went to the toilet. went to clear off some debts, and then i realised my vision is blur. and then oni i realised, my specs...

i went back to the toilet to check. not there anymore. i asked the cleaner if she seen any specs in the cubicle. "takda, takda. saya baru masuk." which is bullshit bcos i saw her b4 i entered the cubicle, and she was still there when i left the toilet. i was too devastated to fight back at that point of time. and the way she answered me, now i think back, i really feel like slapping her and throw her into the toilet bowl. mcb.

so i was blind for the next 1 hour of my life.

but i got no choice. i dont have a spare specs in my car, no contact lens. and i think it is stupid to purposely buy contact lens cos i have the whole box at home.

so... i drove back blindly.

those who drove along bangsar towards mont kiara yesterday experienced some bloody idiot driving like a blind fuck. i guess that would be me.

after having massive headache from driving like a blind bitch in the dark, i reached home and locked myself in the room and... i broke down.

seriously, this month i would have just nice to use, not worrying about not enough. and that is also have to spend damn bloody wisely on food and parking, excluding shopping. and now i lost my specs, which obviously i need to get a new one to replace it. ya, sure. it can be claimed under my company's benefits but where do i find the money to pay 1st and then only claim?

i cried like a mad fuck in the room until my aunt and grandma came in to console me.

and now i am having goldfish eyes, feeling damn sleepy with contact lens on.

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