Thursday, December 9, 2010


its only 1st day of my leave, and i am already rotting the shit out of me! T.T

woke up at about 3pm for a 4pm appointment with my colleague. getting a spoiler for his viva. ^^
while i was stuck in the stupid jam at the sunway toll, i called up EJ to see if she is free to join us and go for a drink. unfortunately, she works till 4.30pm and transport is only available at 5.30pm for her to go home... at the same time, she informed me that the shop that im heading to changed boss alre. so the price is more expensive now... and she was right!! the price difference is sooo huge! when i get it there it was rm160, plus color and installation. the one my colleague is getting is diff design, but with brake light, rm290. fark... and i asked the same design with mine, he said rm200++... @.@

but den, i saw something attractive tho... mohawk sound system. tweeter, amp, mid and woofer + installation = rm1300... :P

kill me nao...

after he paid the deposit, we headed to old klang road for bak kut teh. the one under the bridge... not bad not bad. will only blog abt it next time cos i didnt take any pictures.

then my colleague went home, and i headed to subang parade. nope. not for car wash this time cos it was raining heavily. God decided to give me free car wash. =.=
went to get some stuffs for the vacation.

YES! u read it right! vacationnnnnnn!! well, not different location tho cos i really love this place. if u know me well, u shud guessed it right. ngeks.

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