Friday, December 17, 2010

i iz bek frm cherating - again

hehe... yea. cherating - again. ^^
my previous trips on day1, day2 and day3 was fabulous!
and i really cant help it. auntie ruby and the resort and the clean beach is addictive!

we were suppose to leave at 12am but den something happened so we left at about 5am. then another thing happened which everyone is blaming on my vava's 15" rims... which i couldnt be bothered cos i still love my 15" rims! naninanibubu~ :P

we reached cherating at about 9am (or was it 10am?) we woke auntie ruby up, whom slept at only at 5am. *oops*... auntie ruby brought us to the yummylicious har meen! it is damnnnn yummy! ^^

after makan-ing, auntie ruby this time dun allow us to check-in early. a lesson to be learnt it seems, do not go before check-in time! so we went hai peng and hang around until 11am+.

the check-in time was suppose to be 2pm. but den, seeing us all tired, especially the driver who havent been sleeping for the pass 24 hours. =.= auntie ruby allowed us to check-in at 12pm.

and the snoring begins until dinner time.

we went to this restaurant named... duyung i think. or something duyung. the food was so so only. the green curry chicken, ss15 sawadee is much better.

after the so-so dinner, we headed to paka again! which the driver kena conned by big cow. haha... after looking at the chimneys, we headed back to the resort.

had some vodka and some shit happened. :( *but den ok alre la. hehe...*

the next day morning, went for the breakfast and went to the beach. and i only had like... 3 hours of sleep. did i mention the beach is very clean? ahh~ freaking love the beach! after that went back to shower and auntie ruby wanted to bring us to have wan tan meen for lunch, but den sold out. it was THAT good until it is all sold out. *sobs* so she brought us to ayam goreng instead. it was GOOOOOOD! but the weather was a bit of a potong stim part. cos it was really hot! sighs...

someone's slipper rosak d, so we went slipper hunting after lunch. went back to the resort after that and continue sleeping. :P

woke up for dinner! auntie ruby suggested to have dinner in the resort instead. all cooked by aminah. it was so yummy! especially the fish! but damn a lot of mosquito! until now still itchy lorh. but still, the dinner was awesome.

the next day, went back to KL by passing by kuantan and bought some junk food back. ^^

if u have noticed, there are no pictures from this trip. well, i did snap some. but just too lazy to edit it. :P

cant wait for the next trip back there. :D

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Big Cow said...

we MUST plan the next trip!!!! :D or worst come to worst, i go alone :D