Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me... c:

i was being booked earlier by jessi a week back cos she insisted to celebrate bday with me. i dont like clubbing and get wasted so we made plans for supper instead.

she pm'ed me ystd noon to discuss on what to do. i was craving for teo chew porridge and decided to head to Old Klang Road, the usual teo chew porridge shop we always go to. she was luring me to some other choices of food but i didnt bother, still wan my teo chew porridge!!! :P

right after my shift is done, headed to the OKR's BHP to meet up with Joel then towards the makan place.

ahhh~ i havent been touching the teochew porridge there for soooo long! 1st sip is like heaven! especially the pork. ahhh~~ ^^

after supper, we were deciding where to go. i wanted to go for night view. but dunno where to. :(
so we decided for beers instead in setapak. hehe...

jessi dapau'ed for her cousin cos she is sick. left her car at her apartment. then back to my place to leave my car, then all of us hopped in joel's car.

played a few rounds of card games, finished 2 buckets, i even shed a few tears...

i guess what people said is true. when u r upset, u're easily drunk.


at the end of the night, i was tipsy. just the way i like it. luckily i got a designated driver, joel. :P

sent jessi back, and i got home. slept soundly and late for work. :X


- Thanks Jessi and Joel for the night and watching me cry. *sobs*
- Thanks Sam aka Charlie for calling me 5 mins b4 12am only to notice that it is not even 12am yet. then text me again when it is exactly 12am. :P
- Thanks sktan for the cute mms.
- Thanks to u for running up and down resulting not getting anything. Effort counts and I appreciate it. c:
- Thanks to u for the sweet luncheon meat. :D
- and thanks to all these people in facebook for your wishes~


Khian said...

Happy Belated Birthday! :)

BlurCo said...

thanks khian. :)

The Artsy Craftsy said...

Its okay, i went through the same thing.. its called mid-20s' crisis.. i cried alot alot too

BlurCo said...

bah~ i was crying bcos everything in my life was pretty messed up. T.T