Wednesday, November 24, 2010


... no. not a bitching post. im talking about myself.

apparently i havent been blogging properly. and when i read back the previous post i feel like im blogging like a bimbo. =.=


the thing is, my life now sort of messed up. thats why i have been blogging at my private blog. a lot.


living away from my original home, sucks. i mean... i love having my own room and all. but the rental part and the expenses. sighs.

to make things worst, midvalley parking rates has increased and now minimum, i have to pay rm10 per day just for parking. and that rm10 is when u leave office on the dot. u stay longer? u pay more. no more max per day kinda shit. and it used to be only rm6 max per day.

screw u midvalley. as if your parking fees are not expensive enough.

to make things even worst... my car insurance will due on january.

argh! and for the 1st time in my blog. FML... *yay! FML debuts in lilmsthong bloggie*...

srsly. this is what i really call 'fuck my life'. not just by going shopping too much and realise they are broke and say 'FML'. or realise late payment for the credit card bill den 'FML' again.

ok. i said this is not a bitching post. sowee...

my youngest uncle passed away. i dun have much memory of him bcos, he's a drug addict. and my family sort of disowned him... i know i used to stay with him when i was little. and thats it. everything is a blur.

the only thing i remember was, there is this one time when he is released from the rehab, my dad offered him a place to stay and a job at my dad's company. after few months, he went missing. along with home appliances and watever he can sell for money. for more drugs i guess...

when i got a call from my aunt informing me about my late uncle, i wasnt surprised. cos my aunt already got the feeling that he is gone.

i did not ask wat exactly happened. but i over heard the "grown-up"'s conversation.

he was being arrested again, for the dunno how many times. he was on his way to the lock-up. and his system suddenly just gave up and stopped.

my grandma has yet to know about this. i dont know if they are planning to tell her or not. but if its me. i wont tell. she is old. too old to handle the grieve. but for some reason, i got the feeling she will feel something that is not right. afterall, he is her son... youngest son.

rest in peace dearest uncle. for the addiction has haunt u for years. and now, u r relieved from it.

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