Monday, October 4, 2010

eventful weekend - Lela's pre bday

it was a tiring but fun weekend...!

started off from saturday after working as usual, went to do my banking errands, then met up with my aunt for breakfast in carrefour. bought some stuffs for the new place. rack and a bucket so that i can do some washing. but so smart, i actually forgot to buy detergent. lol...

after all that shopping, headed back to subang home to pack more stuffs over. then, i went off 1st cos i need to do some cleaning before grandma come over to spot check. =.= LDP was like hell cos there's an accident at KDU. i oni saw 1 van tho. no other cars in sight that causes the accident... and that van, 1 tayar fell off d.

after that, all the way smooth back to the apt.

done the cleaning, i went to get some sleep b4 the night. ^^

it was lela's pre bday celebration at mist club bangsar.

slept all the way until i was actually late for dinner. they planned to meet up at 8pm for dinner, and i woke up at 7.50pm. :P
dilly dally until 9:30pm oni i left home. hehe... met them up in bangsar's mango mania for dinner. i alre got yvonne to order for me while i was driving in the middle of the damn heavy rain. i sometimes love heavy rain cos everyone will be slow, and i can slot between cars. hate the rain cos when i park the car and when i get down, i will get myself all drenched with rain... even with umbrella... damn it.

stuffed myself with food, which is a must cos i thought i will be drinking like mad. we arrived at mist club at about 11pm. we sat upstairs, and we started drinking~

mervin, yvonne, me, samson, lela, nicholas

mervin, yvonne, me, samson, nicholas, jason

there's 7 of us that nite. all colleagues. ^^ 2 and half bottles of black label, 5 bottles of beers... we drank and drank and nicholas even ordered lambo.

since it is lela's bday, how can i not flood this post with her pictures? hehe...

Mervin & Lela

Me & Lela

Lela & Yvonne... dunno wtf lela is doing. dont ask... =.=

Lela & Samson... dunno why so serious... just because he is our Team Leader, need to so serious ah? lol...

Lela & Nicholas... the only one who was still sober at the end of the night. Yvonne dont count cos she never drink liquor.

Lela & Jason... latest addition in Enterprise family.

lastly, a picture of me and mervin. lol... to be honest, this is my 1st time so daring take this kinda pict... dunno why suddenly so daring oso... *blush* probably i was a little kek sam that night so i went a little all out... bwahhh~

the crowd

after all that, lela, yvonne and mervin went home 1st. samson went back earlier due to unknown reason. while me, nicholas and jason went to the mamak at midvalley to sober up. and jason definitely need that cos he cant even sit straight! after some teh-o-ais limau and maggi sup, we dragged jason up to our office to rest. but jason... sighs... he's really stubborn!!! he still wanna drive home. so, i volunteered to follow at the back of his car back... and i really wanna kill him. alre drunk still wanna fly car so fast. when i asked him, he say biasa liao. *faints*

by the time i reached home is already about 5am. slept cos GRA is next. ngeks... ;)

overall, i had fun on saturday nite. almost wanted to say no for the night cos i was in pain. once in a month type of pain. 1st day of pain some more... =.= but heck care, pain killer does the magic and went crazy for the night. hehe~

p/s:- pictures all stolen from lela's fb. yvonne, im gonna steal yours next. faster upload!!!

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