Tuesday, October 5, 2010

eventful weekend - GRA with TI members

sleeping at 6am and woke up at 11am is not a farnee thing. dem difficult to wake up. wat more, slept with alcohol from lela's pre bday nite still running in my blood...

but... i die die oso wanna wake up. cos i wanna go see GRA!!!

woke up at 11am cos i was suppose to wake joel up at 11.30am. den he suppose to pick me up at 12pm cos i was actually lazy to drive. buttttt... he ffk'ed. he had a long nite previously with massive alcohol as well i believe. so, when i called him a few times... when he finally picked up, he said he is still pei-ing... lol. sokay. i let him go. and he really rested the whole day. =.=

so fine, initial plan is canceled. i still wanna go so grabbed my keys. and bag. and myself. to my car, then went to sunway's mcd to meet the Team Impact guys up. already there was anson, xyren, akira and paige. then followed by crazzy, patrick and jim.

those who turned up for GRA.

convoyed all the way to mardi, serdang. parked our car and the poison begins.

cars queueing up...

car in action...

not much picture from GRA tho. it was really hot that day, at the end paige got sun burnt on her shoulder. the guys looked like they've on alcohol marathon cos their faces can lawan with tomato. me got no issues, just dark a bit oni. :P

after GRA, we headed to South City for a drink. VP then joined us. the committees had a few discussion and i was asked to join in for this weekend's event.

TI members...

went for a few rounds of pool and had a good time laughing at them kacau-ing each other.

they decided to have dinner at fish farm. which later on joan and kent joined us.

some of us left our cars at anson's hse which later on only i know why. the road is really bumpy and dark. =.=

the bumpy dark road is worth it cos the food is good.

the after math...

all too hungry. and the 1st dish being aimed and kena sapu finish was the fried egg with onion... :P

the price is not bad as well. its about rm23 per pax. and we got like, i think 11 of us?

that's not just all... after dinner, we still went to mcd and laugh some more.

we called in an end at about 1am.

overall i enjoy hanging out with them. can never stop laughing around them. thanks guys for the wonderful day and night. :)

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