Thursday, October 21, 2010

day shift finally~

finally im back to day shift. ahhh~ i miss my colleagues!!!

once i reached my desk, i was swarmed by a few of my colleagues giving me a warm welcome back to day shift. lol...

the sucky part was, today (and tmrw) is jusco member day. super jammed up lor. T.T
i reach MV area at 12pm. damn happy... den i headed to zone A. closed. fine. tried my luck at zone H and G. closed oso. the only zone that was opened is zone U and premier. which is in gardens. =.= i tot i can reach office early, mana tau... late. tmrw need to leave hse earlier! (and i havent sleep. hahahahaha!)

one of the thing i love working day shift is, there are things to do so time will pass by very quickly. no time to think other stuffs oso. ^^

once my shift ended, left office headed to anson's place cos he showed me direction to a few places. which i think im still kinda blur, stupid direction idiot. but ok la. i guess i can remember geh... i think... =.= after showing me the places, then we hang out at the mamak a while. until at one point, i went to the toilet to puke. sighs. why la i never drink alcohol oso puke lehhhh? =.= i was too hungry. by the time i puke finish d. i got no appetite to eat d.

from cheras, 140kmh back to my place. showered. checked forum (sleeping pill as per what kent said), facebook a bit.

and now...

nanait... zzz...~

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