Wednesday, September 1, 2010

La Bodega with colleagues

ok ok. i know my blog has been collecting dust. and my punishment for leaving the blog covered with dust is, falling sick. being attacked by flu and cough now. a mild one tho. :P

last week was one of those typical outing planned among our team for an outing. i know they have badminton outings but i was too lazy to exercise. the word exercise has never appeared in my dictionary before. so i didnt join them.

however, this time... they planned for dinner and drinking session... so how can i say no when there is food and booze? :P..

they have planned for a wine session at la bodega in bangsar. this all started out when isaac requested for somewhere with sofa and jazzy music. so the hunting began for lela to hunt for a place. and it is decided to be in la bodega.

mervin and lela~

i was lucky enough that i found a parking spot right in front of la bodega. whereby others went for dinner in bangsar village and walked over.


it was fun that night. lots of laughing. i am somehow glad that our team is this close... perhaps i am born as an only child. hence, when i am surrounded with people who is same age as me, i felt like im surrounded by siblings...

lela, mervin, samson and yvonne went for dinner in bangsar village first. i on the other hand stayed up most afternoon playing with my new toy. :P but took short nap after playing with my new toy, thats why i didnt join for the early dinner.

samson and me~

i arrived at la bodega and met up with isaac and isaac sou 1st. went in and told the staffs the reserved name. we were then lead to sofa seat... as what isaac expected. lol...

isaac and isaac sou~

3 of us sat and ordered our food leaving drinks alone for our host, lela to make the decision.

minutes later, the others joined in and later on cheryl joined as well. our spot started to filled with lots of laughter. and... the gay-ish moments... bwahahhaha... and out of expectation, ryan joined as well~ lol. really unexpected. bcos usually he dont really join us for outings. :P

Me, Lela, Samson and Yvonne

la bodega session ended earlier than wat most of us expected. approx 11.30pm... isaac and isaac sou left cos isaac sou need to work the next day. the mysterious mervin left as well to only god knows what plan...

leaving only me, lela, yvonne and samson... torn between clubbing and K session. at the end we decided to go for K session at the gardens. that... was the 1st time i held the mic and sang in front of colleagues. #-.-#

i dunno la. self esteem issue i guess cos i dont know how to read chinese and nice K songs are usually in chinese. :( and my memory sucks, the only songs i can memorize are outdated songs... :( :(

the night ended at 3am, all went home and i went back to the office. :)

** all pictures are from merv~ i was too lazy to bring my camera...


Unknown said...

the second pic is great!

Jason said...

no ajak me T_T