Monday, August 9, 2010

Plastic Surgery

no... not for myself of cos. silly. i dont have that money for plastic surgery for myself... if u guys saw my moby update, u shud know wat im talking about.

yup. my little viva.

aunt said that, i spend so much on my car, but i dun even bother to spend money on myself. =.=

true enough. i don't really go shopping. well, it is megasale and i only spent rm99 for 3 pcs of baju in Zara. that is like the only baju shopping in like wat... months? and plus... i haven't been going for facial for... hehe... months oso. :P


after having breakfast with colleagues in puchong. (which is yummilicious). we were talking about cars on cosmetic modification. right in front of the shop, parked a viva. did the things i wanna do too. and as usual, impromptu trip to the accessories shop is made. the trip is not about just me alone. there's 3 of us. and 2 of us wanna add the spoiler. :P

i was torn between 2 spoilers. one is the smaller one... and another is bigger. i was afraid, if i put smaller one, it'll be too small until cannot see shit. if i put the bigger one, i worried will it look weird... after my colleague made her choice already, i was still juggling with mine. =.= and also decide wat color eye lid i want. =.=""" (i am after all a female... fickle minded. hehe... )
decision was made. i chose the bigger one. at the price of difference of Rm30. Mine is Rm160. inclusive of coloring and labour. booking was made and all we need to do is wait for call. and the eye lid...

... i chose black. Rm30 for a pair. ^^

and since then, my car is being called panda.

few days later, it is time for my spoiler. my other colleague went to get it done earlier. and i went later cos i wanted to sent my car for servicing 1st.

black black oso~ ^^

while getting the spoiler installed... i butt itchy wanna install visor oso. hehe~

and now, the only thing remaining for my baby is... her shoes~ still thinking to get 14" or 15" for her. hrmmm~~~

========== ^^ ==========
alright. cars aside. a lil quick random update. :P 2 days back was my off day and i didnt know where to go. so i sent my grandma to my uncle's place, and den i went rounding a bit. i was having the urge to go for drinks (alcohol) for quite some time now, and the only person i could think of who is near, is ashez. his car masuk kilang d. so i fetched him instead.

when i was about to make that call... i realised... i think i accidently deleted his number. dunno is it bcos i sync'ed with my pc. and pc over-write phone's memory. gotta check. nvm that... so i realised his number is not in my phone, so i started thinking where to get as i am out of the house d!!! 1st thing crossed my mind was... facebook. and lucky enough. he did put his number there. *phew* :P

it was near 12am already when i called him. and right after we agreed, i immediately go to his place to pick him up and headed to 'Rm50 for 3 pints' place. and sat till almost 2:30am chatting all the way.

Dear H,

I'm sorry I have not been faithful. So, I am confessing my mistakes to you. Hoping you will forgive me and let me be with my new love, K.

Your ex love,


loveisgreat said...

it's nice. i think the price for such add-on is reasonable. :)

Ken Wooi said...

looking cool.. white is a nice colour =)

BlurCo said...

LIG, yea. not more than rm200... :P

Ken, yea~ white FTW~

Louise Cheang said...

I am sticking with my love, Merlot..hehehehe

陳一豪 said...

Do be careful when changing your rims. There are alot more technical considerations apart from just looks.

BlurCo said...

technical considerations like how? :( totally noob. no knowledge. i was thinking to depend on the tayar fella to advise me. T.T

陳一豪 said...
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