Wednesday, August 18, 2010


i was on my way back... on the fast lane of cos.

it was in the morning, so obviously the jam was quite bad. and den suddenly 2 cars in front of me suddenly break the car. and the car in front of me jerked pretty badly. i guess the damage was pretty bad... and it shocked i wanted to reverse so that i can go to the next lane and cabut, when i looked the the rear mirror... mana tau, i saw an auntie and a guy checking their own car... the 2 cars behind me oso kena... =.=

confusing ah? hrm... its something like this...

i was damn lucky weih... but when on the way home, i keep thinking will my car have scratch? maybe the car behind me not much impact on me so kena a bit i dun feel anything.

so i fast fast rushed home and checked. luckily not a scratch. but den... i rush until i forgot to bank in my cheque. so i have to go out again... =.=

i paranoid... :P


Samson said...

Wow wow, everyone driving sport car!! So nice... :p

BlurCo said...

u so free going page by page? =.=