Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tune Hotel, Kota Damansara

a few of you may have approched me asking where the hell did i stayed when i said i had a fucking great sleep at night...

i was...

... here!!!

when i first arrived, i was too tired to snap pictures. so the pictures i took was when im about to check out. hence, the messy bed. :D

their check-in time is 12pm onwards whereby the check-out time is 10am, sharp. if you would like to extend to maximum 1pm, you'll need to add extra marnee. which is pretty cheap.

seeing the price being crazily cheap. i am actually preparing for the worst that day... but to my surprise, the room is very clean and comfortable!

huge ass mirror~ ^^

mounted lcd tv and safe box.

ever since my pulau kapas trip, the most important thing to me is the cleanliness of the toilet. and i super love the shower! the pressure is so damn nice!!!

Tune Hotels basically provides rooms at the lowest rate with simple stuffs like bed, ceiling fan and fantastic pressure shower. bcos, sometimes when u travel for vacation or on special case trips, all u really need is a bed and shower with safe environment.

and of cos, there are other stuffs which sometimes u dont really need it, but if you want it, all u need to do is just pay a little extra. stuffs that can be added-on are such as breakfast, air cond, towel rentals, hairdryer, internet connection, TV, room cleaning...

everything is set in your key card. and when u place your card here, it will automatically activate what add-ons u have paid.

initially, i only req for air-cond. i dont need tv cos im gonna have my lappie with me, i dont need hair dryer cos i dont need my hair to be perfect, i dont need breakfast cos right opposite, there's a few restaurants... so all i need is air-cond.

but the room electric keep switching off by itself. and it kinda freaked me out cos i am gonna stay alone in the room at night and i am really scared of the dark. so i went to the reception and let them know before i went out for my 6.40pm movie.

when i got back to the hotel, i checked with them if everything is ok. they passed me a new key card. im surprised that all that electric trip can be caused by just a card... =.=

i went back to my room and insert the card in the box... and to my surprise...

everything is on! but too bad. i didnt use any of the others cos i was practically dead tired to watch tv. and no time to even use the hairdryer.

and yup. the picture i took is 15mins before my prepaid aircond will turn off. :)

i would definitely go there again whenever i feel like my body needs good nite sleep at nite.


k0k s3n w4i said...

very spartan concept, but how much did u end up paying in total? i usually stay at friends' places when i'm out of town though :D

BlurCo said...

they still charged me the room and 12 hrs aircond only... which is about rm80 only... cheap~ ^^

loveisgreat said...

i stayed in tunes hotel penang b4, not bad though. gotta agree with u the price we paid for wat we had, the room n its location is worthwhile. would love to try kota damansara tunes hotel 1 day. ^^