Friday, July 2, 2010

Dragon Reigns Dim Sum @ SS15, Subang Jaya (Closed Down)

today, i wanna intro the place where i had a very not satisfying dim sum.

it was a weekend so after my midnite shift, brought aunt and grandma to have breakfast. at 1st we dont know where to eat. but after rounding ss15 a while, we noticed there's a newly opened dim sum restaurant. so we decided to give it a try.

presentation wise was not bad, but when we put it in our mouth... speechless.

here's the place...

pohlij is not that bad actually. the yau char kuai is kinda crispy...

chicken feet... ban.

zhao loh bak kou... hrm... ok la... pass...

egg tart... its not bad. but i think the egg part is TOO soft. but this is only my opinion.

pai kuat... not nice.

siew mai... not nice.

yu mai... not nice oso... taste very fishy.

char siu cheong fun... not nice! cold wan. some more so thick. and some more the char siu tasted weird.

loh mai kai... not nice.

lau sah bao. definitely fail!! the skin damn hard lor.

let's see how the 'sah' 'lau' come out.

the 'sah' is nice ah. but den i prefer duck king's wan. ^^

boiled sugar cane. this is not bad. not too sweet. :)

service wise is ok. cos they are so frenly! but they really need to improve on the food quality...

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Anonymous said...

Ai... all look nice...