Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Specky!

the other day i was and the usual weekend family day with aunt and grandma. sleepy... but go ahead anyways. den i remembered recently when i was driving to work at nites, when the headlights coming from the opposite direction hurts my eyes. it's like ALL of the cars are on full beam. which of cos doesnt make sense la. why everybody on full beam lights on a federal highway?

so i decided to check my eyes and get new specky.

i had fun choosing frames. and the guy is nice enough to let me try as much as possible.

at first i love the one by Evisu. den later on he let me try on Techno-Vision. den im torn between 2! its like when u r a kid, u wan "my little pony" and "barbiedoll" and mommy asked u to only choose 1. T.T

while choosing, my aunt asked me why did i ever end up with oakley's specs before this. look very plain and not hrm... stylo. :P

at the end i chose Techno-Vision. Evisu is nice, but it somehow made me look very dull.

after choosing the frame, i've been sent to the dark room. to test my eyes... apparently it's reduced wor. im surprised... hrm...

here~ i unbox my specky!

still nicely in the box. ^^

removed the box cover. ahhh~~~ ^^

love the specky case!

and TADA~ my nerdy specky!

it is obviously made of plastic. but den it looks like wood at the same time.

of cos i have to show off myself wearing them.

this is me in ah ma look. hehe...

the belakang of the specs.

another me in new specs. :P

the damage is... pretty ok la. but definitely not as bad as my cousin bro's specky. being both sagittarius, i guess both of us have no control on our wallet... T.T

oh. btw, i got duck face ah?

p/s : above pictures are allllll edited using i got very impressed myself seeing the result from the editing. that is totally unlike my face complexion! hahahahaa! but den... most of u will not recognise me so let's just leave this impression as it is la. haha...

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