Tuesday, July 6, 2010

HIRING~ Customer Service Executive

Name of Company : Pacnet Global (M) S/B
Nature : Internet Service Provider
More info on company : Pacnet Website
Role : Customer Service Executives

Job Scope :
- Receive customer maintenance faults or inquiries via email or Toll Free call into Pacnet Customer Services & respond in an appropriate manner.
- Initiate actions to create system generate trouble case & forward to appropriate engineers via ticketing system.
- Provide regular status updates & communication to customers throughout the life of the fault & until satisfactory resolution of problem & case closure.
- Maintain all Trouble Tickets for customers as assigned on a daily basis.
- Manage all mailboxes as assigned. Respond to all adhoc customer queries or ad hoc administrative duties as required.

- Fluent English speaking and strong English writing skills
- Fluent in Pacnet supported languages may include Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese language as appropriate to include written language fluency
- Experience in Call Centre or Service Centre environment required or equivalent direct job experience
- Good general educational level preferably to college graduate level
- Strong basic computer skills essential
- Good communication – written & verbal & strong interpersonal & negotiation skills
- Experience in dealing with International business customers a strong desirable
- Ability to demonstrate a balanced interpersonal style & a good team player

Additional Information :-
- 5 working days (rotating off days)
- On shift basis (AM[morning], MID[noon], PM[midnite]) = additional daily shift allowances
- Salary range RM2500 – RM3000 (higher range for Japanese or Korean speakers)
- Location is in Midvalley – Menara IGB

Interested candidate should provide your comprehensive resume and current employment status to spiderlily85@gmail.com
Enquiries are welcome too. :)

P/S: there are a few other teams hiring as well. Above description is for my team only. if u r interested to know more, dont hesitate to approach me. You can proceed to send your resume to me and will see if you are suitable for which relevent team.

Those who are not interested, please do help me to spread around. Thanks… :D


jeanchristie said...

omg u work for pacnet wan ar!
since when? i used to audit your books from sg hahaha :p

whats that girl's name .. the one who travels from sg to your office wan, short hair/glasses ...

BlurCo said...

short hair.. cant remember any leh. oni can remember long hairs.. :P

jeanchristie said...

or maybe she has long hair now? i dno, the last i saw them was a while ago haha..
whats her name anyway?

BlurCo said...

i dunno eh. so far i know there's Adeline, Mae Kay (is it spelled like that?), Jun, Lina... cant think of any at the mean time. :P

jeanchristie said...

adeline is she me thinks :D
i only knwo the sg group heh,..

BlurCo said...

hrm... anyone from here?




jeanchristie said...

nope hhaha nvm =]