Saturday, July 31, 2010


an ex-colleague of mine came over and had a chat with us.

we have not chat... as in deep chat for the longest time and i told him wat happened.

and he said "nevermind la. find a new one la" =.=

then i proceed with why am i working nite shifts now. and then he said it is pretty difficult to find new one cos there no time at all. haha...

working during the nite shift is pretty tiring and whenever there's time left, i'd rather stick to my bed. even the only time i go to malls is impromtu trips after my work in the morning.

things back home seems to be going on pretty well. and then will proceed with serious packing. :) really need to get things done and over with.

friends and colleagues have been pretty supportive and encouraging. they have suggested and offered help but i rejected due to some reasons.

something struck me hard yesterday. i havent speak to anyone about this actually, except ash ong and also that i ranted out in a forum. thank u ash and forumers. although u guys may not know wat happened exactly till giving the wrong perception, perhaps knowing there is someone who is reading and giving feedbacks made me feel relieved.

i was in the car talking with my aunt about my cousin brother and she said me and him are very alike. well., perhaps we are both sagittarius, on the same date. just different year. my aunt agreed and said yea... both of us "bou hei mm bou yao". meaning... we only deliver good news but not bad news. we tend to either bury it well, leave it as it is or it is just plain because, its bad news, why talk about it? i dont know about him, but thats me...

apart of my midnite shift affected my social life. i guess there's another thing too. i cannot absorb anymore negative vibes. once i hear issues/problems/concern or watever u name it, i will feel agitated. hence, i slowly hide in my shell, my comfort zone. i rather sit at cafes alone and hog on my laptop or go to malls alone and browse stuffs or eat alone. i used to think that all these are pretty lonely. i was afraid of being alone. but when u really need peace, doing activities alone is actually comforting.

i think i wanna go ikea, alone. ^^

Thursday, July 29, 2010

simply ridiculous...

this happened to a colleague of mine which i find it really ridiculous that i really need to blog this out.

she failed for her on-the-road test about 2 weeks ago and have not arrange for a retake yet as our leaves are put on freeze due to shortage of manpower.

and yesterday, she received a text msg from the guy from the academy asking her to go for the exam tmrw. she of cos say she cant go for it cos she cant even take leave for the exam. but to much horror, the fella actually said that if she cant make it she have to pay rm160 for the booking fee. so meaning... if she didnt go for the exam tmrw, she will need to pay rm160. den if she finally arrange on when to go, she have to pay another rm160. for god's sake, she didnt even say she wanna go for tmrw's exam.

ridiculous or not? got such thing??

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tune Hotel, Kota Damansara

a few of you may have approched me asking where the hell did i stayed when i said i had a fucking great sleep at night...

i was...

... here!!!

when i first arrived, i was too tired to snap pictures. so the pictures i took was when im about to check out. hence, the messy bed. :D

their check-in time is 12pm onwards whereby the check-out time is 10am, sharp. if you would like to extend to maximum 1pm, you'll need to add extra marnee. which is pretty cheap.

seeing the price being crazily cheap. i am actually preparing for the worst that day... but to my surprise, the room is very clean and comfortable!

huge ass mirror~ ^^

mounted lcd tv and safe box.

ever since my pulau kapas trip, the most important thing to me is the cleanliness of the toilet. and i super love the shower! the pressure is so damn nice!!!

Tune Hotels basically provides rooms at the lowest rate with simple stuffs like bed, ceiling fan and fantastic pressure shower. bcos, sometimes when u travel for vacation or on special case trips, all u really need is a bed and shower with safe environment.

and of cos, there are other stuffs which sometimes u dont really need it, but if you want it, all u need to do is just pay a little extra. stuffs that can be added-on are such as breakfast, air cond, towel rentals, hairdryer, internet connection, TV, room cleaning...

everything is set in your key card. and when u place your card here, it will automatically activate what add-ons u have paid.

initially, i only req for air-cond. i dont need tv cos im gonna have my lappie with me, i dont need hair dryer cos i dont need my hair to be perfect, i dont need breakfast cos right opposite, there's a few restaurants... so all i need is air-cond.

but the room electric keep switching off by itself. and it kinda freaked me out cos i am gonna stay alone in the room at night and i am really scared of the dark. so i went to the reception and let them know before i went out for my 6.40pm movie.

when i got back to the hotel, i checked with them if everything is ok. they passed me a new key card. im surprised that all that electric trip can be caused by just a card... =.=

i went back to my room and insert the card in the box... and to my surprise...

everything is on! but too bad. i didnt use any of the others cos i was practically dead tired to watch tv. and no time to even use the hairdryer.

and yup. the picture i took is 15mins before my prepaid aircond will turn off. :)

i would definitely go there again whenever i feel like my body needs good nite sleep at nite.

Friday, July 16, 2010

battery mati'ed

it was another usual morning after my midnite shift, usual breakfast with my colleague, usual path i walked, usual lift i took to go to the parking, usual lot that i parked...

when i got in my car, i manually locked it. placed my paper bag at the back seat and proceed to start the engine.

and then...

all the indicators started blinking, i tried turning the key a few times but... i cant start my car!!! T.T

i panic a while and den i thought... "diu. why panic? i can just go to my office and SOS see if anyone can help la"

so i left the car park and went back to the office. went and asked around who is able to help my poor car...

my colleagues gave me lots of ideas to solve the situation. well, we are however working as a customer service... our job to give solutions...
a, get a cab to a work shop in old klang road and mintak tolong
b, get a cab back home first, next day oni bring someone there to replace it
c, jump start the car, and go to the nearest workshop and get it done...

well, being me... i refused all. cos i dunno any workshop! all along, i always sent my car to perodua for servicing. i dont have my own mechanic for my car. and i refuse cos i scared they will chop me. the price i mean...

then one of my colleague passed me a phone number. although it is a mobile number, it is like a centre for people who need to change the car battery... ^^

i called immediately. and it was really hassle free~ all u need to provide is, car make, model and year. choose wet or dry battery. and of cos your location. ETA provided by the centre was about 30 to 45 minutes. just like mcdonalds. :D

after about 5 to 10 minutes after the phone call, the assigned mechanic called me to know the exact location. and indeed... he arrived within 45 mins... he drove directly into the parking and to my car...

while changing, i asked him if this service is only in PJ, cos thats what my colleague told me. he told me as long as it is in klang valley. ^^

and the best part is, dry battery cost only rm165, inclusive of EVERYTHING already!!

anyone who want that number can ask me ah~ ^^

Monday, July 12, 2010

a bed at night finally

blogging from some hotel...!


well, at least i can finally have a bed during nite time. just for to9. :)

after work this morning, i headed home to pack my stuffs. and told grandma that i am not going back for dinner to9. i got text msg from my aunt saying that when i told my grandma i am not coming back for dinner, grandma is glad that i dont have to work everyday. i've been going back to office everyday until she tot i got no off day at all. i am actually glad that she is relieved, despite that being lonely here. wan people to talk to oso susah. talk to blog lor.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

2 Tickets to watch Knight and Day on Monday, 12 July

well... blur cow is at it again.

i bought the ticket at the wrong timing...

and i am letting it go at RM10. siapa mau?

Cinema - Tropicana City Mall (GSC)
Show Date : Monday 12 July 2010
Show Time : 12:00 PM
Movie Title : Knight and Day
Seats : D7 / D8
Hall : 7

and i wanted 12midnite. i cleverly tot it is 12AM. after i bought it oni i realised it is PM!!!

my eyes got problem. :(

siapa mau, please email me at
den pay me via M2u.
den i give u the confirmation number ah.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

i iz moo

Oh Hai!

Lemme intro me self.

Me iz Moo. Me iz a special creation by Ms Yan Yan. Me iz adopted by Lilmsthong.

When me leave Yan Yan, me haz to leave me fwenz toooh...

Oh... Lemme show yuu me fwenz.

Diz is DingDong... A lot human call him Doraemon toooh.

Diz iz Blackie Miao.

Diz iz Monkie and Monkie gf. They iz very loving. They iz on holidae when me iz go to Lilmsthong's hauz.

When me iz at Yan Yan's hauz, she make bachang for us. Iz veri nais... ^^

Nao me iz with Lilmsthong. Me iz happie... ^^

If u think me and me fwenz iz kiut, pliz visit Ms Yan Yan's website and adopt them! ^^

P/s : Andrin, thank you very much for the moomoo~ ^^ Gambateh!

HIRING~ Customer Service Executive

Name of Company : Pacnet Global (M) S/B
Nature : Internet Service Provider
More info on company : Pacnet Website
Role : Customer Service Executives

Job Scope :
- Receive customer maintenance faults or inquiries via email or Toll Free call into Pacnet Customer Services & respond in an appropriate manner.
- Initiate actions to create system generate trouble case & forward to appropriate engineers via ticketing system.
- Provide regular status updates & communication to customers throughout the life of the fault & until satisfactory resolution of problem & case closure.
- Maintain all Trouble Tickets for customers as assigned on a daily basis.
- Manage all mailboxes as assigned. Respond to all adhoc customer queries or ad hoc administrative duties as required.

- Fluent English speaking and strong English writing skills
- Fluent in Pacnet supported languages may include Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese language as appropriate to include written language fluency
- Experience in Call Centre or Service Centre environment required or equivalent direct job experience
- Good general educational level preferably to college graduate level
- Strong basic computer skills essential
- Good communication – written & verbal & strong interpersonal & negotiation skills
- Experience in dealing with International business customers a strong desirable
- Ability to demonstrate a balanced interpersonal style & a good team player

Additional Information :-
- 5 working days (rotating off days)
- On shift basis (AM[morning], MID[noon], PM[midnite]) = additional daily shift allowances
- Salary range RM2500 – RM3000 (higher range for Japanese or Korean speakers)
- Location is in Midvalley – Menara IGB

Interested candidate should provide your comprehensive resume and current employment status to
Enquiries are welcome too. :)

P/S: there are a few other teams hiring as well. Above description is for my team only. if u r interested to know more, dont hesitate to approach me. You can proceed to send your resume to me and will see if you are suitable for which relevent team.

Those who are not interested, please do help me to spread around. Thanks… :D

Friday, July 2, 2010

Dragon Reigns Dim Sum @ SS15, Subang Jaya (Closed Down)

today, i wanna intro the place where i had a very not satisfying dim sum.

it was a weekend so after my midnite shift, brought aunt and grandma to have breakfast. at 1st we dont know where to eat. but after rounding ss15 a while, we noticed there's a newly opened dim sum restaurant. so we decided to give it a try.

presentation wise was not bad, but when we put it in our mouth... speechless.

here's the place...

pohlij is not that bad actually. the yau char kuai is kinda crispy...

chicken feet... ban.

zhao loh bak kou... hrm... ok la... pass...

egg tart... its not bad. but i think the egg part is TOO soft. but this is only my opinion.

pai kuat... not nice.

siew mai... not nice.

yu mai... not nice oso... taste very fishy.

char siu cheong fun... not nice! cold wan. some more so thick. and some more the char siu tasted weird.

loh mai kai... not nice.

lau sah bao. definitely fail!! the skin damn hard lor.

let's see how the 'sah' 'lau' come out.

the 'sah' is nice ah. but den i prefer duck king's wan. ^^

boiled sugar cane. this is not bad. not too sweet. :)

service wise is ok. cos they are so frenly! but they really need to improve on the food quality...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

my life now...

now, at the mean time... everything is pretty messy. well... i know it is definitely temporary. but still it is damn tiring...

New Specky!

the other day i was and the usual weekend family day with aunt and grandma. sleepy... but go ahead anyways. den i remembered recently when i was driving to work at nites, when the headlights coming from the opposite direction hurts my eyes. it's like ALL of the cars are on full beam. which of cos doesnt make sense la. why everybody on full beam lights on a federal highway?

so i decided to check my eyes and get new specky.

i had fun choosing frames. and the guy is nice enough to let me try as much as possible.

at first i love the one by Evisu. den later on he let me try on Techno-Vision. den im torn between 2! its like when u r a kid, u wan "my little pony" and "barbiedoll" and mommy asked u to only choose 1. T.T

while choosing, my aunt asked me why did i ever end up with oakley's specs before this. look very plain and not hrm... stylo. :P

at the end i chose Techno-Vision. Evisu is nice, but it somehow made me look very dull.

after choosing the frame, i've been sent to the dark room. to test my eyes... apparently it's reduced wor. im surprised... hrm...

here~ i unbox my specky!

still nicely in the box. ^^

removed the box cover. ahhh~~~ ^^

love the specky case!

and TADA~ my nerdy specky!

it is obviously made of plastic. but den it looks like wood at the same time.

of cos i have to show off myself wearing them.

this is me in ah ma look. hehe...

the belakang of the specs.

another me in new specs. :P

the damage is... pretty ok la. but definitely not as bad as my cousin bro's specky. being both sagittarius, i guess both of us have no control on our wallet... T.T

oh. btw, i got duck face ah?

p/s : above pictures are allllll edited using i got very impressed myself seeing the result from the editing. that is totally unlike my face complexion! hahahahaa! but den... most of u will not recognise me so let's just leave this impression as it is la. haha...