Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kim Gary

Being me with a fantastically forgetful brain, I better blog about this before I forget again.

Usually during weekday mornings when I finish my shift, I would join some of my colleagues for breakfast at Kim Gary. Sometimes I would stay longer there with another colleague who works midnite shifts as well.

We were sitting there and chatting about her car being terribly tortured by the fella who is suppose to change her visor, and how I don't like her new car color, and rims and 10001 things about cars.

Then… she went to the toilet. Leaving her monster bag with me to take care of. I heard someone was raising her voice “Helloo? Hellooo?”. I turned back and saw the waitress chasing after my colleague. And which I assumed, my colleague told her I am still there. That waitress then saw me and I can see her face is very embarrassed.

Didn't she see me still sitting there? Did she even check that I am still there? Didn't she see that my colleague wasn't taking a bag with her? This kinda situation not only cause embarrassment towards a customer, but to the waitress as well.

Now, more on the complaining part…

Sometimes, it is not very pleasant to have breakfast at Kim Gary bcos all the staffs' face looked like as if we are owing them 1mil or killed their whole family.

Seriously, a smile wont kill, no?

Other than that, when they send the drinks and food over, they just placed as random spot. Like for example, when they sent my food over, and I mentioned that it is mine, she will still place it at my other colleague's place. Who is sitting opposite me. Wtf max…

But it's ok. Cos most people are not morning person. Wat more they need to be there early to prepare and open the shop by 7.30am.


But assuming your customer who still has someone sitting at the table did not pay and went off?? Halo? What nonsense?

But one thing true about wat my colleague told me. No point being so angry. Cos, the waitress was feeling embarrassed already… :D

I was at Pyramid's Kim Gary the other day for dinner and their services are soooooo different!!! They are so much friendlier, so much more helpful, so much more attentive! But nvm la. I still find excuse for Mid Valley branch la ok? Cos not morning person, and the only time I'm always there is for breakfast ma. I’ll try having dinner there one day.

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