Thursday, June 24, 2010

Permanent Night Shift

Memang no life. T.T

Everyday from morning to night it’s just, go home, online (using phone… pathetic), sleep, wake up, mandi, go work. And now everyday I oni makan 1 meal which is dinner in the office. And if I am really hungry in the morning, usually breakfast with colleagues den oni balik rumah…

Oh oh! Look below post! I received the Digi broadband internet dongle. But if I am not mistaken, it comes with 5 days prepaid access. :D but den hor… I didn’t received that. And then hor… I dun have laptop la. How to use? Use wat? =.=

Anyways… my off day is coming soon again. A day that I don’t wish it will arrive. Cos I wont know what to do!

My previous off day was quite a nice one. Went for yum cha session until 3am. :D
Luckily lor. Bcos if I dun yum cha until 3am, I don’t know how to even survive until 7am lor.

First we went for dessert at Tim Pan Kor Kor, and den went for few rounds of pool, which I sucked already. Dunno why. Den parked my car at my office, we went for chee cheong fun at brickfields. Which is nice. ^^ den headed to bangsar’s devi’s, drank and shisha(dunno how to spell) and sit until 3am. Dapau’ed for colleagues and went back to office. Yes. On my off day. Hahaha!

I guess this coming off day will be the same, as in going back to the office, but different activity before going back to the office. :D

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