Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ROM and Bali

unfortunately, the ROM was not mine. its my colleague's... her ROM was on friday but most of us were working so we didnt turn up for the ROM. however, she did organised ROM buffet on saturday.

after my morning shift on saturday, me and mervin followed kit's car towards puchong cos me and merv have no idea where is it. on the way, we meet up with isaac and yvonne and continue our route towards bandar puteri to fetch traina. 6 of us then ended one of the earliest there...

rainbow~ such a nice start for the nite... :)

not long after, me and kit went out to lead cheryl and samson, and then amber, kenneth and also annie.

after eating and drinking, tass mummy arrived with her hubby and her baby girl, zara~ that little girl is so darn cute~

this is the 1st company/team i work with and grew to have really close relationship with.

we watched each other grow cos all of us came in to this team with zero knowledge. then now all improved and sometimes they teach me back instead. =.= listening to all complains be it regarding family and friends or between team mates, annoying each other to the max but knowing that we still can rely on each other. and now... watching one of our team mate getting married legally (they have not gone through the chinese tradition yet).

part of the team... we screamed non stop for mervin's name but end up he still didnt came over for this pic... we all though he left without informing us but... it turns out that... that idiot went behind some bush talking on the phone... =.=

part of the team + some from other teams...

congrats A and R~

after the buffet dinner, we went to halo bali in sunway. there was 9 of us and we opened 2 bottles of glenmorangie.

well, i personally dont like clubbing. i only like drinking so i only drank. danced just a lil bit... and then took care of one of my colleague who was pissed drunk alre. :P

went to the mamak near by to sober up a lil and then headed home.

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