Sunday, May 9, 2010

Like To Eat Seafood Restaurant @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong

there were whole bunch of us looked fwd for this crabbie session and it has finally arrived!

initially we wanted to try the ever famous Tak Fook Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant. but later on we realised that my colleague's mom and her god-mother opened a seafood restaurant as well, right in front of Tak Fook Hong Kong Seafood restaurant.

food was pretty awesome.

this is something sotong with shrimp. one of their special dish. i know it looked like curry but it is not! and the taste is freaking awsome! if u wanna order this, u can just print out this post and show them, "nah! i wan this!"
ok. i forgot most of the dishes name cos it is their famous dishes so that's why i am not a food blogger. bwahahaha... *blush*

this is stir fried vege with lotus root. very nice. i didnt take much tho. cos i was busy targeting on seafoods instead. :D

this is a special dish also. this is pork with milk. ok. i forgot the dish name again. but this dish, it has pork, and it is cooked with milk. and it taste fabulous with Deep Fried Man Tou.

how can u not order fish when u r having seafood? i dont know about others, but fish is a must have for me cos i am crazy over fish. this is Teo Chew styled steamed fish. well, sadly... i still think the one in singapore is nicer. sighs...

and now... on to our main purpose of this makan session... the 4 kingssss! the 4 crabssssss we ordered...

when asked by the lady what crab we want, one of my colleague answered very quickly. "salted egg crab!".

update (12 July 2014)
dont know why my pictures are missing. so i removed the remaining content of this entry. i think its time to update some dishes. :)

24 & 26, Jalan Puteri 2/5,
Bandar Puteri, Puchong,
47100, Puchong,
03-8068 3882


JLean said...

Omg, this looks so delicious and the place is nearby. =). Cool, gonna have a look and have a meal there

Lil Ms Thong said...

good good~ go support! they have a lot more special dishes. u can ask them~ ^^

Jason said...

how about the price?
is it expensive?

Lil Ms Thong said...

above dishes is about rm200++ :)

Anonymous said...

salty & marmite <3