Friday, May 14, 2010

kena saman

i was driving and i was on the phone with bigcow to discuss about THE vacation.

and the police nicely drove in front of me and stopped me. he walked towards my car as i wind down my window...

Police : kenapa guna handphone?
Me : sebab tak reti jalan. tengah tanya jalan...
(hehe... yea. i lied... but malaysia where for sympathy wan la, rite?)
Police : oh. ye ke? lesen ngan IC.
(handed over IC and License)
Polie : kenapa tak guna handsfree? beli handsfree macam saya punya la.
(proudly showing off his seemed newly bought bluetooth earphone device)
Me (looked impressed) : ohhhhhhh...
Police : i kena saman u tau...
Me : ye, tau. ok.
Police : saman, kena bayar RM300 tau.
Me : oh. ok...
Police : saman kena bayar kat *i dont know where but something something bandaraya*
Me : oh. ok. mana tu?
Police : mana pun tak tau? nanti tak bayar, kena waran tangkap tau?
Me : ohh... tapi, kena saman jugak kan?
Police : ye la. kena saman... nak saman?
Me : oh... ok...
Police : nak settle sini?
(AHAH! finally! tunjuk belang alre!!)
Me : settle? macam mana settle?
Police : kalau saman, rm300. kalau settle sini, sikit saje.
Me : oh. ye ke? macam mana nak settle?
Police : settle sini sikit saje...
(wah lau. i ask how to settle so many times alre, still dun wanna tell how much. stupid or what??!!)
Me : settle berapa?
Police : RM 50 je.
(took out one BIG piece of RM50 and handed to him)
Me : Nah
Police (not accepting the Rm50) : lipat kecik kecik, lipat...
Me : ohh...
(folded the note smaller and handed to him at the same time he handed my IC and License to me. using the same hand. it is like swapping item using same hand...)
Police : ok. lain kali jgn guna handphone tau. guna handsfree.

this is the 1st time i kena saman... ahhh~ after 1 yr plus getting my car. hehe... hopefully no next time lerrrr~ ^^

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mongamong said...

congratulations !!! you finally reached the shore of m'sia... btw thot settle sini should be lesser... read paper recently (eg: the police only asked for $20)... think can bargain qua... Thanks for the reminder.. i need to dig out my handsfree liao .....