Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ruby's Resort, Cherating. Part 3/3

finally... the 3rd day... check-out day.

bcos we slept late the previous nite, we woke up at about 11am, to clean up and pack. by the time we load the stuffs in the car and check out, its already 12pm. lunch time and we're starving...

drove out to hai peng again to have the nasi lemak, but habis d. :( so have to settle for the fried bee hoon. also ordered tuna sandwich and frech toast. the tuna sandwich is fabulous. spicy wan. but too spicy for me. T.T ohh... and they coffee is marvelous oso. ahhh!! coffee!! *will head for coffee after this post. muahahahaha... *

on the way to hai peng, i think i wanted to get my phone from my bag and to my surprise... the room key is still in my bag. :P but we are hungry, so hungry can makan a cow already... so we decided to makan 1st den oni head back to ruby's.

throughout the whole vacation, my phone was on silent. so when i checked my phone, there's 2 missed calls from auntie ruby. hehe...

so after lunch, we headed back to ruby's to pass back the keys. on the way back, bigcow wanted to buy her keropok lekor and satar. FINALLY she manage to buy them! while bigcow was out to buy her lekor, i was in the car checking twitter and ruby called... asking why i take her keys. lol...

we didnt leave immediately after passing back to her the keys. bigcow played with stout a while and i was outside sitting with auntie suzi and tanti.

we left at about 3pm and drove all the way back to KL. stopped a while in kuantan to buy ikan bilis, then stopped a while at termeloh for toilet break. and that's it. once we arrived gombak, it was jammed up like mad. headed to e@curve for dinner... and when we reached home, carried those stuffs and climbed 3 floors up. and done some unpacking and washed the clothes.

== Ruby's Resort ==
when i 1st arrived at ruby's, im amazed by the clean beach. also amazed by ruby's sense of humour when we checked-in.
"my security told me someone is here at 6am, i tell them lock the door" =.=
and indeed, the door IS locked when we went back to get our car out for breakfast after sunrise watching.
the food was great, and the nescafe is excellent with lotsa milk, the way i liked it. just that the food there is... a lil tad wee bit expensive lor. :X
at 1st i wasnt keen about the trip cos i was afraid the room conditions will be terrible, like my previous experience to pulau kapas. pulau kapas room was horrible and it is not at all comfortable, and the toilet is disgusting!
but at ruby's, the room is very comfortable, i love love love the pillows cos it is ultra comfy for me. the toilet is clean. well, dont expect 5 star of cos, but for me, it is clean enough to feel comfortable. oh... and the water pressure is very powderful! :D
the staffs are all as wacky as ruby. very frenly bunch of people. it doesnt matter if u have no pets and u just wan a place to relax. me and bigcow is planning on the next trip to ruby's alre. :D

Ruby's Resort Information
Ruby's Resort Website

Lot 350, Jalan Kemaman,
Kg. Chendor,
Cherating, 26080,
Pahang, Malaysia.

GPS coordinates
N 4° 8.953
E 103° 24.507

Phone Number
+60 9 – 8527 221

Ruby’s Mobile Number
+60 16 – 360 0009

== ^^ ==

guess where and when is our next trip? :D

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