Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ruby's Resort, Cherating. Part 2/3

Bigcow woke up earlier than me for the sun. she wants to be tanned. and i do not wanna be tanned so i hid in the room and continue sleep. :P
at about 10 something bigcow came back to the room and woke me up for breakfast. breakfast being prepared is 2 toasted bread with scramble eggs. yums~

after breakfast, we walked around the resort and also went to the souvenier shop. finally manage to see some of suzi chua's artwork.

the souvenier shop

our room neighbour ajak us to join her for lunch. at first we wanted to head to hai peng for their coffee but it was closed so we ended up at stevens. yea. i kid u not. there is a steven's there...

see. i told u so. :P

the interior was not bad. very cosy.

food was not so bad. just a little bit salty.

mee goreng...

salty salty... T.T

after lunch, we headed back to the resort and snapped a few more pictures around the resort...

the walk way to the rooms...

no smoking is allowed in the room, but there is plenty of nice places to smoke at...

can squeeze 8 ppl here to smoke. :D

love the flower. so naiss~

the cafe. the food is damn nice!

the lounge they prepared for saturday nite's bbq. too bad me and big cow need to leave on saturday.

hammock for 2. :P i dont dare to go up.

the 1st half stretch of the resort.

the tree haus. got swing some more... ^^

the tree haus was completed only recent yrs by ruby's staffs...

as i have mentioned the resort it's actually a pet friendly resort, how can u not have pets right?

goose and ducks and chickens.

no. ruby dont put her pets in the pot. :D

tohtis... spot the huge ones on the left. damn big...

this is the ever handsome Stout. the black lab. his coat is so shinny! and that's auntie ruby on the right.

stout was out with the guest to the beach. after soaking himself in the sea water and play around at the beach, he came back and sat quietly near the place he is suppose to take his bath. waits for auntie ruby to come and bath him clean. sooo guaiiiii...

ruby has 6 cats. and also few rabbits roaming freely around the resort.

after snapping pictures around the resort, we had another bottle of beer before having shower and have dinner at the resort. i ordered beef fried rice and bigcow ordered tomyam fried rice. it was really yummylicious.

no more pictures cos i forgot to bring my camera out. T.T
after dinner we head to cherating lama to watch fireflies. this is my 2nd time watching fireflies. the 1st was at kuala selangor. and both experience, i always got this picture playing in my mind. the river was so damn dark, what if... what if... a huge ass croc came up and eat us all?! and worst of all... i cant swim! sure die. T.T never kena eat oso, sure drown and die.

firefly watching was nice. like christmas tree. tho kuala selangor has more fireflies but the cherating ones, they actually lure those fireflies to the boat and u can catch them in your hand. but dont la catch them like how u kill mokitos. =.=

once we got out from the boat, there's this guy saying got penyu laying eggs. i never see before so i wanna go. i dont know why i hesitated a bit at first but go ahead anyways cos i really wanna see!

so we drove following the car all the way to pantai mak nik (if i am not mistaken).

when we left our cars and headed down the beach, we thought it was just at the beach, but no... we have to walk damn bloody far, even climbed rocks and walk some more, on sand! on soft smooth silky sand!! and some more so damn dark. i dont mind if the beach is clean and walk in the dark, but when i used my mobile phone's light, there's a toy car's wheel on the beach. wtf.

when we reached there, the turtle was looking for her spot to lay her eggs so we went ahead to release the baby turtles. so damn cute!

honestly, after all the sand walking, rock climbing, sweating with whole body so sticky, i really got no mood to watch the turtle anymore. so when the guy announced we can go watch alre, i went. watch 1 egg dropped, den i leave. cos everyone was pushing alre. really really wtf.

then, same route back to the car. the walking, and climbing. =.=

our initial plan was, done with firefly, go back to resort and chill. but me never see turtle lay eggs before wanna go see ended up a disaster.

so after all that, we stopped at esso to buy COLD drinks. i accidently bought vanilla coke, and my god. vanilla coke never taste that fantastic!!

when we reached back to the resort, our room neighbour walked up to us and asked "are u feeling lucky tonight?". it turns out that, there's a turtle right on front of the resort looking for spot to lay eggs. really wtf lor. sighs. although need to pay another sum of money. but this time, the experience is better. sitting on the cooling sand, looking at the stars, chatting under the stars, while waiting for the turtle to lay eggs.

once we reached the resort, we headed for shower. we washed our hair bcos we sweat way too much already. so after shower, we went to the balcony and drank beer, munching on snacks and smoke.

headed back to bed at about 4am.

day 2 was overall great until the bloody rock climbing part. and lesson i learnt, when i hesitated... continue to hesitate. bcos when i start hesitate, something awful is gonna happen. :D

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