Monday, April 19, 2010

Ruby's Resort, Cherating. Part 1/3

ayam iz beg frm cherating! miss me? :P

welp... to be honest... we didnt go 1st thing in the morning. we decided to go on that night itself.

so we went home, packed, and leave. that was about 2am. we stopped a few times for petrol for my vava, ice for the cooler box, masam and kopiko for the driver. by the time we're done with midnite shopping, we started our journey at about 2.30am. i started driving 1st and bigcow took short naps on the way there.

until termeloh, we change. i slept and she drove... ^^

by the time we arrived at ruby's resort, it was...

sunrised already!

we arrived at about 7 something. and the 1st thing we did was to go to the beach 1st. it was so damn cold that i still need to wrap myself with shawl!

ruby's resort

this is the view of the resort from the beach. it was so early, that i think no one has waken up yet. so we just hang around the beach.

left side of the beach...

right side of the beach...

pwetty tiny little flowers on the beach~

saja mau konon artistic... :P

the sun is hiding behind the clouds~

but not for long. mr sun is coming out soon~

hmmm~ all out~ ^^

big cow manage to do a little bit of sun tan while i was sitting under the tree still wrapped in the shawl. coldddd~~

then bigcow brought me to this place and have breaky...

kedai kopi hai peng

the nasi lemak damn nice~ and the fried mee hoon oso nice~ ^^ after having breaky and smoke... we headed back to the resort hoping that it is open for check-in.

it was about 10am when we arrived to the resort again and yes, ruby was willing to check us in. ^^

we stayed in angsana. which has a queen sized bed, a wardrobe, air conditioned...

TV, coffee, water heater, 2 complimentary mineral water, and fan if u r too cold or dont like air cond. behind that door is the toilet with water heater shower and a place for u to hang your towels.

overall, very nice room. it is no 5 star room of cos but it is very cosy and it is very very sufficient for those who just wants a get-away. oh... and i love the pillows! very comfy pillows~~ :D

after checking in, we straight away hopped on the bed and sleep. we then woke up and headed down the beach a while. bigcow was sitting on the beach while i walk along the waves hunting for hermit crabs to catch. :D

after heading back to the room, in such a hot weather, we had out 1st bottle of beer outside our room while smoking. cold beers in hot weather is bliss. shower and we get ready for our dinner. bigcow brought me to tong juan, the famous stuffed crab.

i personally didnt quite like the taste of the stuffed crab. maybe i am not a big fan of onions.

but on the other hand...

i like the prawn! the garlic taste, the freshness of the prawn... yums~

and the fish!

the fish is super delicious too! bigcow said this is 'ikan tiga rasa'. three taste fish...

after dinner at tong juan, bigcow brought me to paka. along paka has refineries and they have chimneys... fire chimneys... and it was beautiful. especially the one with blue fire. but too bad, along the road, there's a board says no photography allowed. so, no photo. sorry. but go and have a look. it is really nice.

we headed back to the resort at about 12am, ruby, the resort staffs and our room neighbour was at the lounge having drinks and talks. we joined them until accident happened. our neighbour's doggie chased ruby's rabbit and got bitten by the doggie. the rabbit is safe, but unfortunately, her eye swell and popped out. the rabbit is ok now at the vet and the last time i heard was, they need to remove the eye. so the rabbit will be 1 eyed rabbit. aye aye!

after the havoc, we headed back to our rooms, me and bigcow had another bottle, then sleep... zzzzz...

stay tuned for part 2. :D


CHIP said...

Dropping by. NIce foods there

Unknown said...

eh? the idea of going in the middle of the night is from both of us leh...

Older, not much wiser. said...

the eye popped out?? cool..i wan see photos can ah? always wanted to see popped out eyes. :P

now u make me wanna go oso...cilaka. >.<" i take back when i said cherating nothing to do. then again i guess its memang boring when u go as a kid wif ur family kot... hohoho...

BlurCo said...

Lean, Thanks :)

Bigcow, yea. changed d. :)

Ash, well. it is kinda boring cos there is nothing to do. but when u go with friends, where for such thing as nothing to do? smoke and drink and talk nonsense already is enough to pass time. =.=