Sunday, April 11, 2010

random updates

sometimes i wonder, is my life soooo lifeless till i do not have anything to blog? or is it i cant be bothered to blog anymore?

something happened last night which i dont intend to talk about it anymore. offended, yes. but i guess as time goes by, i'll forget about it. bah. goldfish syndrome.

is it so difficult to find minum kaki?

i hate the fact that when i dream or my imagination start to run wild, and the scenario is death.

oh well...

as for my home. no progress. i guess i have to save up for mattress, table fan and curtain to make up bigcow's small room a bit so i can have my little space.

i dont know. sometimes i got this weird habit of locking myself alone in the room, sit at one corner and do nothing. really. i think im crazy.

i just had popiah and im freaking full. wtf. and i still got another gulung. T.T
*random ends*

aunt is being more and more difficult to understand. more and more... different. and making me more and more feeling the need to be distant.

mom... is being mom.

grandma... is being grandma... :P

packing... if u guys did notice my tweets, i did mention about packing stuffs back home. well i did. but while packing, i felt pissed. im doing the work alone. the house doesnt belong to me alone. hell yeah it is under my name now but, im not the only one staying there. so, heck care. im not touching a single thing until they've decided to have a gotong royong day to pack the stuffs...

going to cherating next week~ finally to the beach. i think the last time i went to a beach is Sg. to watch dolphins. not sun bathing. and i dont consider PD cos i didnt go to the beach oso. so this time, BEACH!

oh btw. i realised some people can be soooooooo easily terasa the spicy-ness wan lor. just few days ago bigcow was saying about the anniversary thingie and the cheating thing and today i found out... privacy d wor. sheesh... if cannot being talk about, den from the beginning, set privacy to everything lar~

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