Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Date Night

no. i wasnt on a date. i was at the cinema watching Date Night, thanks to nuffnangMY.

cute hor? the churpchurp wan is from monday's movie, When in Rome. as for the nuffnangMY badge is tuesday's movie, Date Night.

me and bigcow went to 1u earlier to have dinner. didnt know what to eat so we ended up in...

Pizza Milano.

The food is not bad. Plus the price is kinda cheap.

Mushroom soup. well. its a so-so only soup. but what do u expect when u already see the price so cheap? i am not saying that there is no cheap and nice food. just that, when we enter this shop, there's only 1 table occupied. and it was dinner time.

Bigcow's order. Carbonara...
when it 1st came, bigcow was saying she cant taste anything. den she requested for salt. put in some, den she said she put too much salt. =.=

Seafood Aglio Olio
i always drag myself into the worst food. the reason i ordered this bcos i always liked their spiciness, but... very oily. :(
but then again, why i liked the pizza hut wan so much leh?

Speaking of pizza hut. this is pizza milano's errr... pizza supreme? it was fabulous when it 1st came, the cheeeese is fantasticcccc~ den when it went colder... it kinda sucked.

after dinner, we went to collect our tickets from the nuffnang booth. finally get to see who is robb. :P
after collecting, met up with 102excuses aka @ashezb and also nic. they wanna go for quick dinner 1st b4 the movie so me and bigcow walked around a lil bit b4 the show starts.

in the cinema...
the lights were off at 9pm and then i see lots of nice graphics and all about zues and wat-not... den bigcow told me its actually beginning part of Clash of the Titans. =.=

knowing there is something wrong, they stopped the show. and announced that it will resume at 9.30pm. it was a really difficult 30mins. there were cameras flashing. people talking. i dont care if people talk but i do care people talk LOUD in the cinema, with those 'hihihaha' laughters. me and bigcow proceed to our phones. she play her game, i view my twit and fb.

finally, the movie starts. beginning was the typical boring married couple stuffs.

and then, they were on a typical husband and wife date out to a fancy restaurant...

and then... they got themselves into this chase...

and... the whole movie was so funny, the whole cinema was full of laughter!

i dont wanna reveal much about the movie cos whats the point watching when u can just read it here, rite? :D

enjoy your movie~

oh~ im gonna be away starting from tmrw and all through the weekends. me is going to cherating with bigcow~ seriously, we need vacation. we need a beach.


good bye office~

picture taken from here
hello paradise~


CHIP said...

Checking out ere. =)

Ken Wooi said...

i wonder why the badge is Emo on Twitter lol.. =P

BlurCo said...

Thanks lean

Ken, dunno. I pick wan. I think i emo on twitter gua. Sometimes. :P

Older, not much wiser. said...

i like the churp badge! still dun like the nuffnang one... >.<

BlurCo said...

ash, lol. yea. the churpchurp one very cute. :D