Friday, March 26, 2010


A comic book i bought bcos i was too upset over something. N it turned out to be really good! Well, at least, i like it very much la, ok?

The story is very Harry Potter like... I dun care if u guys wanna buy it or not, i'm telling parts n bits of it anyways. :P

It all began with this little girl, ruby, with her father in the human world. But one day, ruby woke up n realise she's in the magic world... Then slowly, everyone in the magic world calls her 'the one'. (told u it's very harry potter like). As the story goes, it turns out she is not exactly the father's daughter. She's actually the magic world's princess's daughter, whom the father is a normal human. When ruby was born, the princess's evil sister plans to kill ruby bcos she is a hybrid of both worlds. During the so called war, that princess passed her daughter to the guardian of both worlds (whom i said it's her father at the beginning...) n asked him to bring ruby to the human world to avoid the war. N yada yada yada... A bit of sad n happy ending...

So, ya... That's the parts n bits i wanna tell. Other small little details, u guys read yourself la. N oh... Got a lot of white hair 'leng jai's in the comic! I dunno why, i got a thing for white hair characters... Not real human ah... Comic n cartoon characterssssss onlyyyyy... :)

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