Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Famous Thai @ Carrefour, SS16 Subang Jaya

its been a while since i last had family dinner on my treat. so this month, i earned extra so decided to treat them dinner of their own choice.

and they picked

this is located on the 5th floor in Carrefour which was, i think... opened not long ago.

i like the ambience and the cute ribbons on the chair... tho in this picture is looked empty but this is at the back part of the restaurant cos we needed a bigger table. the front part with smaller tables are pretty packed.

weee~ cute ribbons~ ^^

they serve tidbits at the beginning. the usual stuff like peanuts and chips.

the thai tea is nice oso. not much difference with the Johnny's Steamboat ones... and yes, it is refillable. :D

after much kacau-ing the waitress, we have set on what to order and then...

dinner is served...
wait wait... before that...

we wanted to order pandan chicken but they said it was sold out. :(

Mango Kerabu
which everyone in the table said it is very yummy~

Asparagus Belacan
we wanted to order kangkung belacan but... kangkung habis, sold out. and we told them to buy downstairs la. carrefour is down there only ma. =.=

not bad...

Seafood Tomyam
what is thai food w/o tomyam. it is not spicy and very very sour... :P

the crab version

Shredded chicken fried egg
so many things sold out so we ordered fried egg pulak. =.=

Thai Style Steamed Fish
this is incredible. seriously. give me any yummy steamed fish and i'll go crazy. especially teo chew styled. this thai style is no different cos it is damn sour! i like! :P

Green Curry Chicken.
this is not bad. it is my 1st time trying green curry and to me it is yummy ah. acceptable. and would wan to try again next time. :)


the usual one. i forgot what is it called but Big Cow says it is er... Ruby?

i ordered this. something something with gula melaka. they said it is too damn sweet. but i think it is ok leh...

Durian Cendol
everyone's favourite i believe, but not mine cos. i dont like durian!

overall, i think the food is ok ok only cos honestly speaking, i had never tried eating in a thai restaurant. but my aunts and uncles said that there's another thai restaurant which tastes MUCH better than this. and cheaper too... which, i'll try soon. :)

how bad is the damage? go try yourself. :P


Čღήήϊє ♥ ﺖ said...

nice post~ nice nice~

Bizcuitz said...

try My elaphant. cheap, great ambiance and excellent thai food. read the reviews.

Ash said...

Yea I tried my elephant before too. the food is pretty good! But its much cheaper to try the set lunches cuz dinner got no set. A-la-carte prices abit on the high side.

There's another restaurant in the same building as the Central Supermarket (between pearl point and citrus park) along old klang road that is pretty good and reasonably priced.

Which is the thai restaurant tht ur aunts n uncles said is cheap? I wanna try...

Anonymous said...

Can't remember when was the last time I had Thai food so all these are yummie...