Friday, March 26, 2010


A comic book i bought bcos i was too upset over something. N it turned out to be really good! Well, at least, i like it very much la, ok?

The story is very Harry Potter like... I dun care if u guys wanna buy it or not, i'm telling parts n bits of it anyways. :P

It all began with this little girl, ruby, with her father in the human world. But one day, ruby woke up n realise she's in the magic world... Then slowly, everyone in the magic world calls her 'the one'. (told u it's very harry potter like). As the story goes, it turns out she is not exactly the father's daughter. She's actually the magic world's princess's daughter, whom the father is a normal human. When ruby was born, the princess's evil sister plans to kill ruby bcos she is a hybrid of both worlds. During the so called war, that princess passed her daughter to the guardian of both worlds (whom i said it's her father at the beginning...) n asked him to bring ruby to the human world to avoid the war. N yada yada yada... A bit of sad n happy ending...

So, ya... That's the parts n bits i wanna tell. Other small little details, u guys read yourself la. N oh... Got a lot of white hair 'leng jai's in the comic! I dunno why, i got a thing for white hair characters... Not real human ah... Comic n cartoon characterssssss onlyyyyy... :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Beautiful sunday... Not...

"hey hey hey~ beautiful sunday~ this is my my my beau..."

*smashed the player into pieces*

No. It's not a beautiful sunday for me cos i was having high hopes on having my beloved satay celup for dinner in melaka... But it turned out to be a disastrous trip.

Sigh... First... Bigcow's popiah not open... Satay celup long q... Arrive jonker, rained... Not nice punya chicken rice balls. Seriously, really dunno wat so nice about it... Den being rushed. Den go back satay celup still long q. Went for or chien n encounter with the fucking bitchy lady boss. Bloody traffic lights decided to turn red whenever we reached one. Damn slow moving traffic when heading back kl. Reached subang d n witness the ugliness in something.


K la. Dun wanna go further. All i know is, i'm fucking disappointed that i didnt get my satay celup. :(

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Famous Thai @ Carrefour, SS16 Subang Jaya

its been a while since i last had family dinner on my treat. so this month, i earned extra so decided to treat them dinner of their own choice.

and they picked

this is located on the 5th floor in Carrefour which was, i think... opened not long ago.

i like the ambience and the cute ribbons on the chair... tho in this picture is looked empty but this is at the back part of the restaurant cos we needed a bigger table. the front part with smaller tables are pretty packed.

weee~ cute ribbons~ ^^

they serve tidbits at the beginning. the usual stuff like peanuts and chips.

the thai tea is nice oso. not much difference with the Johnny's Steamboat ones... and yes, it is refillable. :D

after much kacau-ing the waitress, we have set on what to order and then...

dinner is served...
wait wait... before that...

we wanted to order pandan chicken but they said it was sold out. :(

Mango Kerabu
which everyone in the table said it is very yummy~

Asparagus Belacan
we wanted to order kangkung belacan but... kangkung habis, sold out. and we told them to buy downstairs la. carrefour is down there only ma. =.=

not bad...

Seafood Tomyam
what is thai food w/o tomyam. it is not spicy and very very sour... :P

the crab version

Shredded chicken fried egg
so many things sold out so we ordered fried egg pulak. =.=

Thai Style Steamed Fish
this is incredible. seriously. give me any yummy steamed fish and i'll go crazy. especially teo chew styled. this thai style is no different cos it is damn sour! i like! :P

Green Curry Chicken.
this is not bad. it is my 1st time trying green curry and to me it is yummy ah. acceptable. and would wan to try again next time. :)


the usual one. i forgot what is it called but Big Cow says it is er... Ruby?

i ordered this. something something with gula melaka. they said it is too damn sweet. but i think it is ok leh...

Durian Cendol
everyone's favourite i believe, but not mine cos. i dont like durian!

overall, i think the food is ok ok only cos honestly speaking, i had never tried eating in a thai restaurant. but my aunts and uncles said that there's another thai restaurant which tastes MUCH better than this. and cheaper too... which, i'll try soon. :)

how bad is the damage? go try yourself. :P

Monday, March 8, 2010




Friday, March 5, 2010

DiGi BB Roadshow

after knowing about DiGi BlackBerry Roadshow will be in Midvalley, i got all excited and plan to go and visit on my lunch break WITH an intention to get it. which is at 4pm. since im just working in Midvalley anyways.

so i was happily walking towards the roadshow.

standing around there was pretty lenglui promoters.

so i went and look around.

no one approached me. (i dont look like potential buyer meh? i thought EVERYONE is a potential buyer)


so i asked one of them...

me : hi, can u tell me more?
she : ya.
..... silence ..... i see her, she see me .....
me : so i saw online it is starting from rm500 something?
she : ya.
.......... silence .......... i see her, she see me again ..........
me : so what do i need to do... (before i can finish my bloody sentence)
she : oh. u have to contract 2 yrs to get rm549. and u have to pay rm500 advance. (in a pretty bad english...)
... silence again ... me, getting, impatient... (WHAT IS THE BLOODY RM500 FOR!?)
me : and... the rm500 for?
she : oh. rm500 for the 2 yrs.
... silence AGAIN! ...
me : 2 yrs for what?
she : the unlimited internet access. and will deduct every month.
me : ahhh.. ok...
*roll eyes and walked off*

seriously... i dont look like potential buyer meh!?

oh and i forgot to add hor! when i approached, both of them still 'keng kai'-ing and laugh 'hi hi ha ha' horrr... grrr...

Thursday, March 4, 2010


i wanted to blog about this few days back but just couldnt find the time to do so. ahh... afternoon shifts causes no time to blog. :P

and i find it is a lucky thing that i didnt blog on the spot. being me, if i am feeling annoyed, i definitely will blog without thinking. i'll just shoot like AK-47.

so anyways, few days back, i was doing my usual blog hopping in my followed list. one of them is nurfaizshaidan. and there's this particular blogpost and caught my eye and then i felt annoyed. post titled Dialog dengan Kristian: Personally, this is not the way, with original post by muzafar51

at the beginning i am annoyed. very annoyed actually. and lucky thing i didnt have time to blog that time cos my fingers will do the typing without my brain thinking rationally. is this called blessing in disguise ah?

why am i annoyed?
i am not annoyed bcos of muz approaching people trying to spread the good news of ones religion. in this case, islam. i actually respect him for having the courage to just go up to a person and say "let's learn about islam". i am annoyed by the way he is pushing one person who is already rejecting politely.

it is like when u are happily minding your own business one fine day in a shopping mall and suddenly those people who promotes credit cards approach u and trying to sell to you the benefits of the particular bank's credit card. and then, u raise your hand and smiled rejecting politely. but they still follow you from behind or standing in front of you trying to sell it even harder. if it is me, my smile will turn to frown and tell them "do u understand i am not interested?'

in some scenarios, they still keep pushing *roll eyes* but mostly, they will back off.

so back to the blog war between 2 fellow malay bloggers.

firstly, i would like to apologise to muz for using words like 'wtf'. but that wtf is not for scolding anybody. not u, not faiz. it is just how i express myself. but if it is causing a pain to u, then ok. i apologise. im sorry.

i think what matters most is also respect. people respects your religion, therefore, respects others as well. and also respect other's decision to know more or not. i mean, there is definitely people who wish to know more about islam and would want to know better about islam. i think to deliver and spread to people who is interested to know is better, no?

how would u feel if the scenarion is the other way round? u r a strong believer in Islam and someone is trying to educate u about Christian and Jesus even after u have rejected politely.

and from the quotes :-
“Sesungguhnya Allah tidak mengubah apa yang ada pada sesuatu kaum sehingga mereka mengubah apa yang ada pada diri mereka sendiri.”

“Tidak ada paksaan dalam agama (Islam), kerana sesungguhnya telah nyata kebenaran (Islam) dari kesesatan (kufur). Oleh itu, sesiapa yang tidak percayakan Taghut, dan ia pula beriman kepada Allah, maka sesungguhnya ia telah berpegang kepada simpulan (tali ugama) yang teguh yang tidak akan putus. Dan (ingatlah), Allah Maha Mendengar, lagi Maha Mengetahui.”

correct me if i am wrong from the above quotes. it is saying that Allah didnt intend to change ones religion unless they themselves are willing to. and there is also no forcing in Islam. rite?

so... if i am correct with the above quote, so only if there's people around us who is willing to know more about Islam, then only educate them, no?

overall, muz is just doing good stuffs like spreading the love of Allah and faiz is just voicing out on the way approaching. muz oso know that the way he approaches is wrong and will improve on it.

end of story

idiot drivers

i cannot stand idiot drivers...
dont they know fast lanes are for people who drives fast?
when i was on the way to work, this bloody black KIA cut in to my lane which i was driving in the fast lane. i have no issues with ppl cutting into fast lane in front of me if the other lane is slow.

but HELLO...

when he was in the fast lane, he is constantly stepping on the break. and there is no car at all in front of him! none! the road is bloody clear in front of him! and he need to always press break! wah lau! 3 bloody cars cut in front of him already.

i then flashed light bcos he is ridiculously slow in the fast lane alre. he was at 80km/h.

guess what...

he still dont get it...

bcos other lanes are also slow and i cant possibly over take him. i am stuck behind him.

it is ok if it is moving smoothly...

but... no...

den... he gave sudden break, which i almost hit his car's butt. and which someone almost hit my car's butt also! and why? bcos he wanna cut out to the other lane and exit at the PJ hilton road.

if u r so damn rich can afford imported cars ah, pls la. use that bloody extra money and learn driving again la! and remember ok, dont bloody give duit kopi to get your bloody license ok! idiot KIA driver!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

newest addition... my stalking list.

Do You Actually Know

he is actually my colleague. and he will always be the one to let me know the weirdess clips. like this eroclub. during midnite shift.

yea. midnite shift will never be boring bcos he will randomly give me links to some clip to watch. :P

Monday, March 1, 2010


Got balloon in the room! Yay! For more details... Pls stay tune. :P

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