Wednesday, February 10, 2010

poor pup

i cannot tahan anymore. the more i read the more i feel pity on that poor dog.

really wtf lor... and yes, im jaga-ing people's kain. can or not?

previously already put those pedigree dogs to sleep already im so fucking disgusted with u. can u guys imagine a golden retriever, a bloody huge dog is in the room instead being roam around in a spacious space? omfg! being in a room nevermind, but it is fenced up. yes! fenced! can u guys imagine how freaking small is the space.

now bitch, if u terasa, dont fucking come and bark at me for u r now just another stupid bitch with her cos u r living in my shadows, and i know how it feels.

the small space aside. and now i come to know that, this poor dog has skin problems. and they changed the dog food bcos they cant afford it long term. oh my! how responsible is that? im so fucking sick of u! OMFGKNNCCBWTFBBQSAUCE! please do not tell me when u wanna have a pet, u dont know everything like this is a commitment? u can just change the dog food just bcos u cant afford it? OMFG!!!

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