Sunday, February 7, 2010

im feeling...

... bitchy!

yesterday i went to someone's bday party. and den i bump into someone. and it apparently know someone's someone wor. den she told me that someone is not treating that someone well wor. and den in the midst of arguing, that someone with another someone one night stand wor. and now that poor someone went back to that someone with another someone left being along wor. and den hor, that someone ask me not to tell anyone about what happen to this someone wor.

den i oso came to find out that actually that someone that time havent break up with someone n den she met with this new someone wor. den, one week later that someone oni break up with that someone, to be with this someone wor. but that someone that time told someone that they are fling oni. nothing wan wor. den at the same time that the other someone saying wanna go after someone wor. after a week, she did not continue to go after that someone and be with this someone wor. wa. that someone really take someone someone like a spare tyre lor. poor someone... which someone? someone lor...

p/s : actually i oso confuse about someone. so dont ask me who is who and who ah. thank u.


on the side note. im PMS-ing soon. cos very mang zhang. :(


Older, not much wiser. said...

Someone is with someone but is going after....haa???

pink+purple dollar said...

the drama of relationships.. sigh~

why cheat here cheat there hor? 1 not enough farn already meh? so free to juggle a love square..