Monday, February 15, 2010

Gong Hei Fatt Choy...

on 1st day of cny, i slept whole day. yea. really whole day until about 6pm oni i woke up. and im actually surprised that no one called me to wake me up. but den, my cousin texted me asking if im going to kepong today. with my eyes half opened, i replied yes.

so i got my ass up and shower and put on new clothes and apply powder and eye liner and headed to kepong.

ahhh.. how i love festive seasons. no jam... at all! but of cos i hate it when it was between 1 to 2 weeks back. farking jam. even wanna find parking when im going to work oso is a pure nite mare.


i arrive kepong at about 7pm. and the 1st thing i saw was...

... my grandma smokin... and there she can babble about me smoking look like prostitute... =.=

after greeting all the aunties uncles grandaunties granduncles... what is cny when there's no gambling?

when i was standing and taking this picture, my cousin told me, the subang clan misses me. and i thought. eh, ya. all those kaki judi is only us from subang eh. =.=

The Subang Clan

please do not underestimate this subang clan. we got our secret weapon...

The Gamble Queen. she knows black jack... rummy (is that how u spell it?)... etc. but however, she dont know how to play MJ.

so after 1st few rounds i lost... and when i begin to win back my modal...

Dinner is ready... =.=

after the satisfying dinner, we headed to the nite market near by. which is just about 1 to 2 rows of houses behind.

JJ nite market

bernard was actually holding his dslr. and there's so many things to snap! but he said... he scared kena wallop... =.= everybody already looking at him one kind thought either he is a tourist, or a reporter. and he is hiding between us holding his cam... =.= =.=

JJ nite market

backlane - random

Temple - random

while walking back to the house, we saw our grandma walking towards back home as well. jo's bf said, let's go scare her. even if we scare her, she will turn around to look... slowly... =.= and they did go and scare her... and turned around slowly. lol. buay tahan...

den i was walking behind grandma, cousins are in front already. and bernard held his dslr up, and i didnt bother and i held my small kicimiao canon ixus 100 IS up. without being alarmed, we snapped at the same time and i got this effect...

thats granny standing in between us. dont know how his ended up. and i think my flash is damn small wan.

when arrived back, im already sweating like a pig. why la every year CNY sure farking hot wan? :(

and again i took random shots.

Great Grand Parents

cousins and aunt...

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