Wednesday, January 6, 2010

what is family and relationship?

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i wan to blog about this for the longest time.

heck, even typing the title itself, my eyes are wet already.

as u guys know, my hse got break in on the 26th December 2009. the thieves sure know how to celebrate belated xmas.

the 2nd break in wasnt like the 1st break in where we can continue stay in because the 1st break in, noone was there to witness everything. so noone know did they bring any weapon.

the 2nd break in, my aunt was there. my grandma was there. witnessing 5 strangers with black cap, masked using white cloth, black long sleeves with white gloves, black long pants and all of them equiped with a parang each... surrounding the bed when one of them wake my aunt up abruptly...

they then tied their arms and legs. asked my aunt wat is valuble in the house. after aunt answered, he will always reply "if i found more things, u'll die". then followed by tying something to shut their mouth and using pillow case to cover their head.

aunt and grandma traumatised.

ever since that incident, we all went separate ways. aunt accompanied grandma to stay at 4th uncle's hse. i went to friend's hse.

every morning, grandma will request to go back home. as stubborn as it sounds, i know she misses home.

during my recent off days is the day i went back home after about 1 week. i never see my grandma smiled so happily at me b4 cos im home.

which made my heart felt even more sour.

but i didnt cry from the beginning since the break in until ystd. i did cry a little when big cow called on the 2nd day after the incident. but not like ystd.

ystd, i couldnt take it anymore. when i was driving back to my place, i felt like i wan to burst in tears. i keep holding back... but i couldnt anymore. i stopped opposite at my place and started crying hysterically. i didnt know who to call. i dont usually cry like that in front of friends. so i didnt want to call friends. i cant call aunt cos she'll be even more worried about me. she have more things to worried about especially my grandma.

p/s : end time 22:50 MYT
can u imagine how many times i stopped cos i dun wanna end up crying in office? i stopped each time my eyes turned wet...

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Older, not much wiser. said...

Well, if u ever want to talk...need I say more?

Btw, u can't force someone to trust u. U can ask them to...but if they still refuse to do it, or refuse to control their jealousy after time and time again of you asking (maybe even begging?), then...I'm so sorry for your loss.