Wednesday, January 27, 2010

attention slut

si buay tahan liao.

there's this young girl...

who i think is an attention slut...

really OMFG lor...

at first she start going around blogs asking for attention. 'oh look at me, follow me, come come~'

see. i even put pink to censor for her. cos she likes pink. :D

and then, she try to look for free publicity from one of Malaysia's famous blogger...

well... since she wan the attention sooooooooo damnnnnnnn bloooodyyyy much... she was being RT'ed and most of us get to read it.

then, being in the dog eat dog world. everybody is really mean. especially bitches of cos. i never say who ahh...

most of us were bombarding her like mad...

then she said...

she said she wont pay attention to people who says rude things worrhhh...

ok lorh. but hor. when we bombard her hor...

she replied wor.


u guys must be thinking, why we wanna bombard that poor little 13 y/o girl. (correct me if i get my facts wrong)

well. that is bcos. she. is. such. a. copy. cat... say meow... :)

she copied XX and Cheesie's blog. Pink. with picture in the middle.

well, XX and Cheesie's blog is custom made by designers. but this little girl's its... like... u know how blogger have this layout thingie and u can add gadget thing. ya. the middle, she put her photo lorh. den the rest of the background is pink lor. and she also got "Piinkcess' Guide to Fabulosity" video wan neh! dun pray pray oh. dont miss an episode k? or she'll hunt for more attention.

ohh mai... did i say her nick loud? oops...

happy stalking bitches~

cowie happie happie!

weeeee! Goin pd this coming friday. Cant wait! W cant wait for this friday oso. Cos she said only 1 more day to go den can meet d. Then i told her there's wednesday n thursday somemore la. -_-" oh oh! This will me my first time driving outstation eh. Scared scared le. But excited oso. :P hmmm... Been watching ming zhong zu ding wo ai ni. Ya. Being brained washed by big cow. The main character is known as a post-it paper in the show. Den it suddenly got me thinking that my team manager told me, ever since i put on the post-it at my monitor to remind myself about the process, i've improved a lot. N i'm glad... That after i've tried, it didnt go down the drain. Which also why, i refuse to go sg. Sigh... Oh well. This suppose to be a happy post eh! :D excited! :D :D :D

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


After all the shopping in Guardian by the whole team, cheryl manage to get this zebra. Which cost 600bucks!

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my pc...

so sad. now i got no pc at home. i dont have my own pc to blog. T.T
in office so busy, cant blog. T.T
so, now most of my blog is from moby. soh sad...

goo bai.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

fucked day...

check this out...

ASC Mailbox:
07:30 – 14:30 = T
14:31 - 22:15 = Michelle

IP Mailbox:
07:30 – 14:30 = K
14:31 – 22:15 = Michelle

07:30 - 12:30 = S
12:31 - 17:15 = T
17:16 - 22:15 = Michelle

yes. today is a fucked up day. im alone in afternoon shift. people can be very inconsiderate and MC leaving only one person working. and yes. i have to look into the above stuffs, and also my tickets that is assigned to me. wtf...

on the other hand. im farking broke. and i realised W passed me 50SGD which i havent change it until now. honestly, i dont even remember i got that 50SGD in my wallet. i think it was something i paid 1st den she pass me that 50SGD. or she put in the wallet quietly. hrmmm... i cant remember. but it is really life saviour lorhh...

den my colleagues from morning shift is going out for lunch. so i asked K to go change for me and da pau for me as well. S nicely came cos they are discussing where to have their lunch. K told S he need to go money changer to change that 50SGD...

S : eh michelle, i change for u la...
M : ha?
S : ya la. i got RM50, i change with your 50SGD la.
M : u think i'm lulu ah?

hahaha... really. colleagues like this makes u look fwd to work everyday. :)


... is me.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hamsap Spammer...

i just logged in to my msn in office and as usual open up all the application that i need for work. den popped up a request to add me in msn. and i added... and the conversation goes...

eLLehciM said :
hey hi said :

eLLehciM said :
may i know how is this?

eLLehciM said :
( and she went offline from here... den came back on again)

eLLehciM says :
hey... u macam chipsmore... now u see it now u dont (<<-- i tot she is malaysian so i used "macam" lahh!) says :

eLLehciM says :
erm. may i know who is this ah? says :
i'm 21/f your a male right?

eLLehciM says :
u r looking for male? says :
nice, I just got off work and finally got some time to relax which site did i msg you from again?

eLLehciM says :
and where did u get my msn??

eLLehciM says :
u added me... and u asking me? says :
I know a way we can chat and have a better time.. do you cam?
Well i don't do yahoo cam or any other cam because i have been recorded before... But i do know one site you can watch me on cam, that assures me no one records...

eLLehciM says :
im in office so, no... says :
I mean... Do you want to see me on my cam?

eLLehciM says :
nope... not now
it'll eat up office's bandwidth says :
Ok go to n/a accept the invite on the page baby

eLLehciM says :
hang on

eLLehciM says :
where did u get my msn? says :
sweet, fill out the info ur info.. i can not wait for you to see me baby let me find something nice to wear

eLLehciM says :
? says :
its the sites policy to ensure no minors get access to the site, so they might ask for CC to verify your age babe.

eLLehciM says :
ic says :
What color Panties do you think i should wear? i might have you favorite color here somewhere...

eLLehciM says :
lol says :
Your such a good boy, i'm gonna show you what good boys deserve.. you can tell me to do anything you want me too!

eLLehciM says :
1 says :
Ok let me know when you get in so I can invite you directly to my cam.

eLLehciM says :
2 says :
u have to enter a cc, atm, or debit card so they can tell your of age, thats the ony way to see me sweety

eLLehciM says :
3 says :
k you in yet babe??

eLLehciM says :
4 says :

eLLehciM says :

eLLehciM says :
definitely spam

(den she/he no more reply d. lol.)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Top 10 Long Distance Relationship MISTAKES

bcos of what happened recently, i actually googled "how to maintain long distance relationships". and i found top 10 mistakes and see if i did any... i dont even know what are we now... dont know how to solve. dont know what to do. sighhhssss....

If you are in a long distance relationship, you’ll need to make special efforts to overcome the pressure distance and time apart puts on a relationship. Make sure you follow this relationship advice to make your long distance dating relationship flourish.

Keep Yourself Too Busy to Answer Phone Calls
When miles separate you from your significant other, you’ll need to make extra efforts to show you are prioritizing the relationship. This means picking up the phone whenever your honey calls, even if it’s just to explain you can’t talk but will call back later.
- im always available for calls. well unless im angry at her already la. angry d how to talk?

Decide You’re Too Shy To Use the Web Cam
Men in particular are visual creatures, so you’ll want to invest the money in a web cam and take the five minutes required to spiffy up before going online. Seeing one another can intensify the emotional connection, and using a Web cam will give you opportunity to remind your sweetie why she chose you in the first place. Use your web cam to flirt and keep the relationship fresh.
- men or women, both can be visual creatures la. but this point. very seldom. cos her house dont have internet wan. so whenever she is at her brother's place or sister's. we will try to spare time to webcam a while lorh. this point, i dont think we made mistake lor.

Keep Your E-mails Brief
E-mails can be sterile already, but brief emails can be easily misinterpreted. Use your emails as a way to invite your significant other into your inner thought life by using e-mail as an interactive journal, telling your partner about your thoughts, feelings and the details of your day. Invite your significant other to do the same.
- er. never email each other before... ;X

Talk About a Colleague a Lot
If you want to scare off a long distance relationship, tell him all about this hot guy you worked late with last night. You need to work hard to fight insecurity and instill trust in your relationship when you are separated, so you may need to keep some of the details of your other relationships to yourself until the two of you are reunited again.
- but if dont talk about colleague, like angry at the colleague, frustrated at the colleague etc, den how? need to complain oso mar. need to vent oso ma, no? T.T

Save All Your Money For Later
Now is the time to splurge on weekend trips to see your sweetie, not the time to build up your savings account. Invest in your significant other because he is your future, right?
- er... until now, i still got no savings. all goes to my debts d... T.T but she got come lor once almost every month. ^^ so, this consider pass ah?

Assume Your Significant Other Knows How You Feel
While it may feel redundant, you can’t say “I love you” or “I miss you” too much. Make sure you tell her often so she doesn’t doubt your commitment or attachment.
- ok. im an idiot expressing myself. howwww?

Trust Distance Increases Fondness
While the poets wax on about how wonderful it is to be apart, you’ll need to make seeing each other a priority if you want to keep the spark alive. Even savoring the anticipation of a visit can spice up the relationship, so make plans to see one another and talk about it, often.
- me no comment...

Send Cryptic Messages Via Text
You may think that snarky text message is hilarious when you send it, but keep in mind you don’t know how your dating partner may be feeling when he or she gets the text. Make sure you add a “J/K” or a wink to clarify any messages that might be misinterpreted.
- ahh... this... she always tease me, joke joke but didnt put j/k. den i got angry... den that is when i made the point 1 mistake.

Accuse Your Significant Other of Cheating
Even if you suspect it may be true, accusations won’t help the situation. If you truly wonder if your significant other is committed to the relationship, address that issue directly, asking questions about how he feels about how the relationship is holding up despite the distance. Give him room to talk about feelings without judgment.
- no comment oso...

Be Closed-Minded
Don’t assume things have to continue as is forever. Consider changing up the situation—like asking your boss if you can work remotely one week a month—and work from your partner’s home that week each month. Think outside the box as you figure out ways to see one another or to connect. Don’t let conventional ideas cloud your imagination and suffocate a beautiful relationship when you could find ways to make it work.
- i think i am still too comfortable to leave my comfort zone. i finally found a job i can stay put. so im really confused here...

-- copied and pasted from here --

Friday, January 15, 2010


Anyone? :P little gift for our team from sales team in japan. :D

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ahh... this is an unopen pack. when it is opened, it is actually white chocolate in between those erm... i dont know what they call it. it is not waffle. it is those egg biscuits... my fav fav egg biscuit. so niceee... i wonder in KL got or not...


anyone going japan, buy for me can? T.T

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Rain rain go away... Little Michelle wants to see dr lei... :(

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I'm expecting the jam but not the heavy rain lo. I wan to see dr le. Stop raining la... :(

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i saw my connection is 3.5g now! So i fast fast blog. Ya. This area sometimes edge, sometimes 3.5g... Most of the time edge. So anyways. Forgive me that this post cant do another new paragraph. I'll edit it when i hav chance. Ystd when i was almost reaching back at my fren's place. I saw i few guys surrounding a car. Pushing the car. Den i tot the car fell in drain. After watching a while in my car. I continue watching upstairs in my room. Apparently the car fell into one of the hole outside. U see, some ppl didnt pay maintanance fee or didnt pay parking fee so they'll park outside. N outside got dis shaded area packed with trees so it's very dark. So i assume that guy didnt see dis hole n den fell in it lo. So after that, they did call a foreman. But the foreman only came with a car. Not in those huge ass truck thingie. So all of the guys pushed the car while one of them in the car reversing. The thing is, there's another car very near them behind their car. But... Luckily didnt hit it la. Den real life show finished d. So i continue watch tvb drama. :P oh... The sad thing now is, she still thinks i dont love her cos i get angry and all that... Sighs.

Monday, January 11, 2010

i havent...

... been saying this for a very long time. but ah... :P



no. we didnt talk to each other AT ALL today. but i just feel like saying. cannot ah?! blueks.

*p/s :- i really think im psycho. sometimes ok, sometimes not ok. see la, now ok. den dunno tmrw ok or not... T.T possible bipolar?

cant help it!!!

im stalking again. bah... why am i stalking allllllll the timeee...?

i saw this...

"Appreciate truth and honesty even though it may hurt me. Once trust is broken, it is hard for me to trust you again."

then why dont trust me wor? :(

btw, the cramp is attacking me again. stupid cramps... curse u! why cant guys have all this pain and girls have all the fun instead? :(

imax sucks!

ya. Title says it. :( anyways, texted her not too long ago. Not to say we're ok, i think. But the text conver was to know what is happening to both family... Despite all the bombing, encouraging n supporting still is important... Our own issue on the other hand of cos not solved. Cos we really totally didnt touch it today. Which i'm glad. Cos that's y we could share both end's stories. N i think it's a pretty good start... Let's just hope it'll not screw up again... :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

i think...

my HBP is getting worst. everytime when she start bombarding me with questions. her unreasonable assumptions. i'll feel my heart beat racing and sometimes causes me cant breathe properly.

ya. we agreed on talking about this later. after all those family issue. well... at least I THOUGHT WE AGREED. im so fucking wrong.

edited. cos she said i dont respect her as a person.

at this msg. i really feel like fainting already. u wish u could help but u know it wont change my mind? please! i do not need your help. the only way to help me now is that dont trigger me to cut and dont trigger my HBP to fucking raise. i only feel hurt and anger? no love?? what about the arrangements i made when u r in KL? what about the bloody cupcakes i collect without even sleeping for my midnite shift? what about me being loyal when u keep saying I GOT SOMEONE ELSE! what about me when u keep saying I GOT SOMEONE ELSE but im still around! WHAT ABOUT ALL THAT!? nothing to you right? u still think it's all HURT and ANGER rite? the hurt and anger is NOW! NOW!!! not throughout the freaking 6 bloody months for goodness sake!

from my reply NOW, can u imagine the freaking anger that im freaking swallowing every single time u r self pitying and i still take that shit!? can u imagine the freaking anger and disppointment whenever u say I GOT SOMEONE ELSE?

she : if nothing to say then leave it be then. no point forcing anyone to love me

wtf r u trying to say here? i dont love u? I DONT LOVE YOU? u think again.

i am so tempted to type your fullname out but i respect u.
W, i love u or not, i myself know it very well. and u... if u chose to ignore the fact i love u. if u r too blind to see that i love u. then that is your issue. i cant help you because u always think that i got someone else. how the fuck this is gonna help OUR relationship.
u agreed to talk about this AFTER all this family issue. why, why still wanna trigger me? why still wanna provoke me?
my patience is very limited now.
this morning when i text u to ask u not to smoke so much cos i know, when something is bothering u, u will smoke a lot bcos i still care and love you. BUT U DONT SEE IT DO U? u still think that i dont love you rite?

*i cant imagine the speed im typing now. it is as though im letting off what has been buried in me for so fucking long bcos i cant say it in text. bcos i cant type this much and this fast by using my phone*

to make it fair, ok. i'll list down all my replies here. up to u what u wanna say. u wanna say i wanna show this to that someone else or whatever, up to u.
our smses today :-

edited cos she said i dont respect her as a person

yes. im fucking boiling now! very boiling. i dont know. this is karma perhaps.

W, i love u. but i love myself more. u said i mental abuse u. i think this is mentally abusing me as well. i dont have anyone else, u say i wanna prove to someone else im broke up with u. u say i'm showing off my grandma to that someone else. u say i went pavi with someone. what? i cant have friends is it now? i used to be a fucking player and your ex broke up with u bcos of someone else does not mean that it will happen now! r u fucking blind that to me it is all about u now!? u r fucking torturing yourself and me! the fucking person u love! yes! this is fucking torturing! it's torturing my health, it is torturing my emotion. i is tortuing my fucking mind!

u said your mom admited to hospital, thats why u didnt call or sms me much. did i even continue to bombard u on that? did i? that is why i said we stop talking about us and settle family issue 1st. why? why u still wanna piss me off?!

do u know how freaking difficult it is for me to say i wan to break up? do u even know the freaking reason i wan to break up?

u dont...

after 10000000 times i explained. u still dont.

and i dont intend to now. bcos. u will never understand anyways.

find someone nearer so u can lock the person up and she can always be by your side to prove that there is no one else!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Valentine's Day - Movie

My closest relationship is with my Blackberry
Thank God it vibrates...





What is this?

This thing is so small. About 0.5cm. Er. Smaller than that. So mad cute! Can move wan! Can see the trail? But... What is this thing ah?

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Friday, January 8, 2010

talk later

it suddenly struck me. My own addiction is coming back... She told me something happened in her family hence all the misunderstanding. Since i know my addiction is coming back, i know i cant handle anymore. So i concluded she will deal with her family issue n i'll deal with mine. We'll talk about us after all this. N for the first time in this 2 weeks, we agreed on the same thing...


All clean! Hmmm... What's next? :P

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Boston @ Sunway

during the recent off day, after a short day in Pavi with a friend, i headed home for dinner. after 1 whole week not being at home, it sure felt good being home.

i was expecting for home cooked food cos the last time my aunt told me, grandma would be boiling my fav soup. but apparently she didnt. she was too tired until now after the whole incident happened.

so we went...

Boston @ Sunway...

Deco on the table... ^^

me and granny...

Mun Farn...
i didnt try this but aunt said it was not bad...

Nasi Lemak...
the rice is great... the curry chicken so so only. but the sambal was fabulous. oh. and the ikan bilis very crispy!

what i ate was horrible. i ordered aglio olio. and it tasted... blergh. thats why i didnt bother to take picture. cmon... even the presentation was horrible. how to take picture?

after dinner, we went do run some errands... ^^

and she said...

after tonight i wont be around in this world. got so many sleeping pills now. death will relieve.

is this blackmail?

im not stressed enough?

when i got this text from her. im totally speechless. is this even the way to salvage a relationship?

she came online a while. being me, i still cant let go the fact that she wasnt around when i needed her most and she didnt call when shit happened. i dont know why. i know im selfish. but is it really difficult to just call?

she said she wanted to come and see me. why after all these only she want to come and see me? i dont want all these. all i want is just a bloody phone call. difficult?

she did call today tho. but i didnt pick up. im angry. and i really want to give up. why people always need to wait till they are losing something only take action? why only until now, until i said i want to break up, until i've lose my patience only calls start pouring in? why?? when i needed your call, where are your miss calls? when i have gave up, why there are so many missed calls? why??

i dont know. maybe it is for the best for both. i dont understand her needs and she dont understand mine...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

what is family and relationship?

start time 19:45MYT
i wan to blog about this for the longest time.

heck, even typing the title itself, my eyes are wet already.

as u guys know, my hse got break in on the 26th December 2009. the thieves sure know how to celebrate belated xmas.

the 2nd break in wasnt like the 1st break in where we can continue stay in because the 1st break in, noone was there to witness everything. so noone know did they bring any weapon.

the 2nd break in, my aunt was there. my grandma was there. witnessing 5 strangers with black cap, masked using white cloth, black long sleeves with white gloves, black long pants and all of them equiped with a parang each... surrounding the bed when one of them wake my aunt up abruptly...

they then tied their arms and legs. asked my aunt wat is valuble in the house. after aunt answered, he will always reply "if i found more things, u'll die". then followed by tying something to shut their mouth and using pillow case to cover their head.

aunt and grandma traumatised.

ever since that incident, we all went separate ways. aunt accompanied grandma to stay at 4th uncle's hse. i went to friend's hse.

every morning, grandma will request to go back home. as stubborn as it sounds, i know she misses home.

then, drama begins...

at 1st, my mom is not willing to sell the hse. 4th uncle and mom is on the same boat. they both think that by installing the alarm system will solve the issue. neglecting the traumatised aunt and grandma and my feelings.

4th uncle is showing face towards both my grandma and my aunt. saying both of them is disturbing his children's studies. yes... wtf.

my mom then decided to find a feng shui master to have a look at the hse. obviously the sifu said it is not good to continue to stay there cos it is not suitable. and my mom listened *finally!*. she always listen to 3rd party.

on the same nite the feng shui master's visit, they went for dinner. at a very rude tone, my mom asked questions to my aunt... very rudely. i know my mom. rudely like as though we need to depend on her to sell the house, our lives are in her hands, she can make our lives good or a living hell. rudely like she is a heartless boss.

my grandma quickly finished her food, and walked away towards my aunt's car. my aunt followed. my aunt told me grandma was crying. grandma said, we are all going separate ways already, staying at a place not her own home and need to see uncle's black face everyday. and now mom is talking in such way to my aunt. why we have to end up this way?

when i heard my grandma cried. my heart turned sour.

during my recent off days is the day i went back home after about 1 week. i never see my grandma smiled so happily at me b4 cos im home.

which made my heart felt even more sour.

but i didnt cry from the beginning since the break in until ystd. i did cry a little when big cow called on the 2nd day after the incident. but not like ystd.

ystd, i couldnt take it anymore. when i was driving back to my place, i felt like i wan to burst in tears. i keep holding back... but i couldnt anymore. i stopped opposite at my place and started crying hysterically. i didnt know who to call. i dont usually cry like that in front of friends. so i didnt want to call friends. i cant call aunt cos she'll be even more worried about me. she have more things to worried about especially my grandma.

so i called her. twice. no answer.

throughout the whole ordeal, she didnt call at all until i start throwing tantrum and being upset. by then, i dont feel like talking cos i am angry. hence, she thinks that i ignore her call on purpose. that typical "i never call, u make noise, now u call, u dun wan to answer. what u want??" yes. i know that. but why do i need to voice out something den oni u call?

she said she didnt know should call or not bcos afraid that i'll be sleeping or i'll be busy handling stuffs. and part of it, she is afraid i ignore her calls.

so, she didnt answer. i text her saying it is ok. im done crying alone. with a goodbye behind.

then, i saw this today... *yes. im a bloody stalker. but it is bcos i care. if i dun care i stalk for wat?*

The star sends signals but just moments ago left the moon crying. And now the star wants a shoulder to lean and for tears to roll. What about the moon when she cried yet no signal from the star?

it got me thinking. where is the shoulder to cry on when i need it most? and here she is comparing that i didnt do it, why should she do it too? in a relationship, is it really this way?

or maybe bcos i said i wan to break up few days back, thats why. after i posted my previous post. her text came. saying that she left her phone at her brother's house. and when she got it back, she already 20 minutes late from the time i sent my text.

is that even an excuse to not respond to me at all?

and no. the last thing i checked on my phone this morning... there was no text nor sms from her.

during the sms war... or more like cold war from my side, she said it is because of my 'good bye' in my text to her. she was devastated. ok. after even more exchanging sms, and i received this... :-

"You want to convince someone we broke up right? So you can be with her right?? Thats why you never mention we broke up before the sms or call posting on your blog"

totally stunned... and that is the final text i replied to her.

everytime we argue, everytime i want to break up *yes, i a bitch*, every single time... she would definitely say i got someone else. 1st few times, i tried to convince it is not due to 3rd party. it is our own issue. after that, i felt it is useless. she never did trust me anyways.

i give up on us. i cant go on juggling with family and relationship drama. bigcow was right. im a fucking egoistic bitch cos i'll never cry in front of friends. now, i cant even cry in front of my family. and from ystd's experience, i can cry alone. i needed u to be there during all these ordeals. instead of being there for me, u said i ignored u when u cried. maybe to u, ur heart is more fragile and mine is not. that is why even u got your phone from your brother's place, u didnt even bother to check if i am ok.

and here u r... saying that i have someone else...

i give up on us...


p/s : end time 22:50 MYT
can u imagine how many times i stopped cos i dun wanna end up crying in office? i stopped each time my eyes turned wet...

i saw something

and found out something

with an 'ouch'

being stabbed hard through my heart.

and i realise... there is no u-turn anymore.

i wont expect anything anymore. when i need someone most, u weren't there.

u dont have to anymore.

bigcow was nice enough to say maybe she is sleeping.


maybe SL was right. i am selfish. selfish until i do not wish to share with anyone my problems and carry on a backpack tagged "burden" on my shoulder.

i am angry at what SL commented. but at the same time i'm not...

bcos, maybe SL was right. if possible, moon can still lend a shoulder for star.

but it's too late now.

when the sun rises on a brand new day, the star will fade.
and when the night comes...
the moon will eventually find another star; a nearer, brighter star...

i suck at being poetic. but i guess this is what i wan to say...


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010

off day

ahhh... It's been a while i hav a relaxing off day. Hehe. So happy. Will tell more later la. Now having dinner with aunt n granny... :)

ot... oT... OT...!


dunno can say happy or not...

sad thing is... got major outage...

happy thing is... i OT until now...

hahahahaaa! :P

now... wanna balik d~

gooooo bai...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

random of randomness...

i just had a freaking full meal. claypot pork with salted fish and lala...
all from...

when u r freaking upset, food... is your best friend. there goes my new year resolution.

yes... im freaking upset...

she dont get what im trying to say.

everybody tend to be defensive when it comes to arguments. she dont get my point and she just defending. which made me very tired...

oh. and one more thing...
ystd i only smoke 3 sticks. ^^
today... none... yet. :D

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year Resolution...

everyone is saying "this yr i must this this this... this yr i must that that that... this yr i must blah blah blah..."

and all those resolution are huge ass bombastic resolution. like.. wanna make more marnee la. wanna have a better career. etc...

for me...
very simple...

- quit smoking
- lose weight

thats all... :)

i havent been taking dinner so even if im hungry, i just sleep it off. ^^

as for smoking... today marks the last stick i puffed. ^^

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010!

well, before i officially say good bye to 2009... let me show u this...

this cupcake is made by a friend of mine. whom also made cuppie cakes for my baby for her bday. so adorable hor?

so now...

GOOD BYE 2009...


innitially i was working afternoon shift and my shift should be ended at 10.30pm. due to it is NYE reason, a lot of people decided to take MC and MIA... leaving the poor midnite shift only one person. the team leader checked if im able to stay back. since i dont have any plans. and my plan was to buy coke and chips, go back and be a couch potato.

so, i decided to OT until 1.30am

at about 7pm, my colleague who will be doing midnite shift PM'ed me in msn... at that point, he didnt know he will be the only person at midnite shift.

Guy : mich
Guy : u going to any count down tonite ?
Me : why ah?
Guy : just askign
Guy : tot if u guys want we do a mini party in the office ...
Guy : just go order pizzas and everything ...
Guy : i ... feel lonely T_T

i find he is damn cute here lor. at the end i told him, me and another girl will be staying back, and one of the morning shift guy went back early to rest and will come back in for midnite shift. also 2 of my colleagues who went for movie came back to the office to avoid the jam and also joined our mini party. :P

before the countdown, we were talking and gossiping away. lol...

we waited for the fireworks. oh boy, we are so lucky being at the 2nd highest floor. we watched fireworks from near and far. everywhere...! den we start feasting...

while waiting for countdown, until eating. we were talking and laughing like mad. and we are the noisiest team that time. well, it's not that we didnt get them to join along but ah... not that close lorhhh... :X

so then... hello 2010. happy new year to all. and have a great year!

"i wan to break up with 2009... i want u 2010..."