Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Girl 1 : hey. let's hang out tmrw!
Girl 2 : oh. i cant. im going movies with a group of friends...
Girl 1 : hm. then let's make it next week then.
Girl 2 : oh. i cant. im going karaoke with another group of friends...
Girl 1 : u always go out with groups of friends, not boring wan meh?
Girl 2 : no la. where will boring wan? we always hang out together. as long as one of us suggest an activity like shopping or karaoke, everyone sure will turn up.
Girl 1 : oh. wow...! den how come that time u accident, u need to call me for help ah?
Girl 2 : er... er... erm...

i heard this a lot of times from one of the radio channels.

"having friends it's not about quantity... it's about quality."

cherish your friends who have been there for u instead of pig dog friends who just wanna have fun and takes u for granted.

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