Saturday, December 26, 2009

break in...

my earlier post, i was kinda in a rush so i didnt have the time to tell everything clearly. and plus, i didnt get the detailed info.

How they got in
they came in from the front gate. climbed in of cos. break the lock, and got in.

wat happened
they got in, 5 guys searched down stairs 1st. then went up and woke my aunt and grandma up. told them to be quiet. used the telephone cord to tie hands and legs, used shirt to tie their mouth, used pillow case to cover the head, so they wont witness everything. all 5 of them are with parang...

how they got out
they got out from back door...

when tying both grandma and aunt, my aunt got this habit of wearing night gown to sleep, so when she was woken up, her night gown was above her thigh. one of the robber, pulled the dress down. my aunt of cos freaked out and say 'jgn jgn...'... the guy just pulled the dress down to cover properly, used a pillow to cover her thigh. and he said, "u ingat u siapa?" =.=

during the robbing, apparently the robbers are quite well mannered and soft spoken. when they needed my grandma to open the back door for them cos there were too many keys in my hse, they actually held my grandma carefully lead her down.

my grandma has hearing problem, so when she showed the back door, i think the robber was quite patient listening and talking to her.

my grandma got a lot of those recycle can placed near the back door. they did not kick them around to make way, instead they arrange them nicely at another corner.

they also drank 4 bottles of vitagen... =.=

the damage
Gateway NV48 - 6 months old
Canon IXUS 70 - few yrs old
SE W705i - 10 months old
Ipod Gen2 - few yrs old
Cash RM400
Jeweleries worth... i dont know. all aunt's wan.
Damage is about more than 10k

once i reached home from office about 6am, the police car was already at my hse. looking around and observe as usual. that time, the lock was missing. we searched high and low. i even tried searching at the drain. but no where to be seen...
when the police was about to leave, i found the lock between the pots. the lock is spoilt. i tried putting in my keys, it cant even go in...

still cleaning up until now. the hse was so messy until dont know where to start cleaning up. and im so tired now... straight from office... until now... engine oso rosak la... T.T


Older, not much wiser. said...

I know this is a serious issue...but...i cant help it...the vitagen thing was too damn funny! rofl rofl rofl!

BlurCo said...

the 1st incident was coke. this time vitagen... really gagak...