Saturday, December 26, 2009

Break in - The brief story...

October 2008 my hse got robbed

26 Dec 2009, approx 4am. another one...

i was working midnite shift. about 5am, my cousin called me.

cousin : wei
me : hm. wassup?
cousin : u didnt know?
me : know wat?
cousin : ur hse kena again...
me : *silence*
cousin : elo?
me : ok... i'll call aunt.

apparently they took my aunt's phone as well. so i cant call, so i called my cousin's mom instead.

i called my TL immediately so that i can go home. it was worst than previous robbery.

my aunt and grandma was tied.

luckily enough. nobody was harmed. just a few stuffs was taken... which is good enough...

thank God...

sigh... i'm gonna put more details next time. mentally exhausted alre...

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