Tuesday, December 29, 2009

best friend?

for someone i call best friends do not even know what happened. N it is all over my fb. How heart breaking is that? She texted me n said she had a bad day n asked to meet up. I replied saying i had a horrible week n cant absorb anymore. Her next text was "pouts. No worries. We'll catch up soon". For someone whom we've argued like fuck also took note on what happened to my family n offered help. Btw. I had to reject the previous comment cos i post my street address in SJ alert d. If include house number here, a bit way to obvious d.


Unknown said...

orr... ok. anyway, my sister in law told me hor. when sisters quarrel, it means they are bonding. so i guess i am bonding with you... wtf right? :P

anyway, as i said, hope you all will overcome the traumatic experience soon la.

dIRtyKhian said...

Well, stay strong..:)

BlurCo said...

thank u. :)