Thursday, November 12, 2009

Women with bigger breasts found to be smarter

haha! someone actually post this link in FB... and it's from thestar

Women with bigger breasts found to be smarter

A STUDY conducted in the United States showed that women with big breasts are not necessarily less intelligent than those who are less endowed.

Quoting a Singapore newspaper article, Sin Chew Daily said women with bigger breasts were found to be smarter instead.

It said the study was conducted in Chicago to find out whether the size of a woman’s bust affected her brain power.

The study, involving 1,200 women, was conducted by a female researcher. The subjects were divided into five groups, from extra small to extra big.

The report said it was possible such women were smarter due to the higher level of female hormones that could result in better development in the brain.

now now... who still wanna say 'boh dai mou lou'*?
*big breast no brain.


honey said...

really?? haha. too funny dear!

cikgu said...

so does that means the smartest of women are those with mega boobs?

abbie san said...

0_0... okie.. means i need to get a big breast girlfriend!!