Friday, November 13, 2009

Kissing a girl

Bitching Mode : On

yes. i am definitely in the mood to bitch now. which i havent been doing for quite some time. and i pissed, and disgusted. blerghhhhh... d-i-s-g-u-s-t-e-d-!!

i know somehow girls who goes clubbing, and for the fun of it, they would kiss another girl. for whatever reason, i dont know la. it's clubbing, everybody can do the whackiest thing during clubbing.

but when i came accross this blog post. my 1st reaction was... wtf.

you... yea you. if u know who u r. yes you. if u dont, nvm. meaning, u do not have a mirror.

yea. it is true. kissing a girl doesnt mean that you r a lesbian. but, do u still need to put up a post, of pictures, of u... kissing a girl? what r u trying to prove? 10 yrs down the road, when u get married with a guy, u r gonna dig up the pictures and show to the whole world and say "seeeee, i told u so. i kiss a girl and im not a lesbian!" issit issit?! and those pictures is as tho like kena force to kiss the girl.

i paling zha dou is that, u... comparing yourself with xiaxue?! hahahahaaa! joke of the month for me! please la. dont 'men-sia sui-kan' the 3 award winner la.

i believe u did watch xiaxue's video, then only u compare yourself rite? but den hor... did u compare your pictures and that video ah? that video, the way they kiss, is really full blown kiss ok? yours? just a peck. and mind you, it's only tips on tips your both of your lips. the lips never touch completely. eh... ms. straight, try 'kissing' like that with you boyfriend la. see if he calls that a kiss. haihyohhh...

few weeks back, there's a forum thread in one of the lesbian forum. it mentioned that lesbians are being lesbians, because they are just seeking for attention. boy, was i furious when i read about that. and now, when i see your post, now i know why. it is people like u.. WANNABEs like u... made people have this perception.


Big Cow said...

who? link? link? (A)

SpiderLily said...

i'll email u when im back in office. :P