Friday, November 13, 2009

Cafe World in FB

1st incident
it was on the weekend and suddenly my colleague ran back to his seat. i asked whats wrong. why need to ran back to his place.
his reaction was
"my chicken hangus d! my chicken hangus d!"


2nd incident
usually when my aunt reach home. and during my midnite shifts period. she will slowly come up stairs and wake me up, take her dinner, shower... then only she will go online. but... this time... she just throw her bag on the floor. took out the lappie and go online... in a very rushy way. and in a way... it woke me up, without her shaking me.
i asked her. what's happening?
her reaction was
"im cooking! im cooking! it's gonna be done alre!"


yup... the game is... cafe world...

out of curiousity... i tried it...

and i think i know why it is so addictive. the 'kanjiong-ness' of waiting for the food to cook and serve it... u can choose the food to cook within maybe 1 hour? den rush home from work, and serve the food in the game.

which as u can see here... the kanjiong-ness of waiting my food to be ready. :P

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